HR Software For Large Companies and Multinationals

Large companies face the problem of modernity when it comes to HR software: most of them work with out-of-date systems, which don’t run on the cloud, therefore causing a lot of concerns: data storage and security, slow processes, bulky interfaces and integration problems with newer software.

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It’s high time you forgot about all these and started using our modern HR software for your large company. Our cloud technology is the help you need to make sure you remain on the right track.

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Payroll management

Processing payroll has never been easier. With LeaveBoard’s automated software, you will simplify the work of the financial department, while staying in compliance with regulations.

You will benefit from detailed payroll data, so sensitive information will not be sent from one office to another. The risk of human error is greatly eliminated, plus you will be having payroll data available in real-time. The data can be exported into .XLS and .CSV formats, with only a few clicks. More productivity with automated solutions.

Digital transformation

Stop wasting time on collecting paper files and adding them to physical folders. Your new employees will be easily integrated into each team. LeaveBoard grants access to your employee database and records. This all-in-one platform that is accessible on the gom by those who have the right access.

Employee engagement

When running a big company, employee engagement is crucial. You will definitely want your employees to feel proud about working for you and to develop a sense of loyalty. How to accomplish this? Easy! With LeaveBoard you can now empower your employees: our Self-Service is the key. Each employee has an individual portal which includes all sensitive and personal data plus a balance of their time off. Automatic updates are available, so the team calendar with absences and leaves is always up-to-date, therefore being of great help to your employees.

Flexible HR Software

LeaveBoard is designed also for big companies, with offices located in parts of the world, with employees working in different time zones, with distinct policies applicable in each of its offices, with so diverse legislation, all kinds of public holidays. Even with all this diversity, our system will be of great help. For example, you can have one office in San Francisco (GMT-7), and another one in Berlin (GMT+2), the system will trigger leaves in your team calendars at the right time.

Plus, you can create the team calendars you need for each office, the approval workflows that work best for you.

With LeaveBoard, you can have displayed the bank and public holidays countries worldwide - in this way you avoid the ping-pong with Payroll in different geographies. Once you can import country-specific public holidays, you prevent employees from wondering when the next holiday is due.

Being a part of a large company has its challenges, but LeaveBoard is there to make your life easier. Empower your employees and managers, get accurate HR data from reports, centralize employee data, manage payroll and benefits and many more.

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