Human Resource Guides

Learn from the pros how to deal with essential HR topics.

Time Off Requests

As part of this guide, we will show you that time-off requests don't have to be a stressful task, by offering in-depth tips and tricks regarding time off policies, recording best practices and efficient handling guidelines.

Time off requests
Paid Time Off

As the owner or responsible of a small to medium business, paid time off is one of the administrative aspects that you will have to deal with across the year. In the mini-guide below, we will deep-dive into the essential aspects of this HR practice and uncover the key myths.

Paid Time Off
Improve Your Employee Engagement With An Absence Management System

Absence management is the process of managing absences in your workplace. It is crucial to have a plan for dealing with employees absent from work, as it can be highly disruptive and costly when too many people are out at once. Learn more why absence management is important, and the benefits of using such a system in your business.

Employee Engagement With An Absence Management System
HR Challenges

We have put together the most common HR challenges, and try to provide solutions to each of them.

HR challenges
People operations

In this guide, we will explain what People Operations encompasses, how it differs from HR, what purposes does it serve, and why it can be an asset to your organization.

People Ops
How to Build Trust at Work?

A profitable business begins with trust. And there are several types of trust you should consider: trust in the purpose and principles of the business, trust that you have chosen valuable employees for key positions, trust in leadership and HR processes, and trust between employees.

How to build trust?
Choosing HR Software

7 Aspects You Need To Know Before Buying Cloud HR Software For Your Business.

Choosing HR Software
Switching from Spreadsheets to HR Software

Are you swamped with tedious HR tasks, and constantly looking to find ways to reduce errors and ask colleagues to report their time-off? Find the reason why.

Tracking leaves with Excel vs a HR system
Business and Federal Holidays

Are you looking to know when the next federal holiday will take place or as an employeer you need to give some paid holidays? Look no further.

US Business Holidays, Federal Holidays.
Free to use templates

Essential templates tho help employees make better decisions when it comes to time and absences.

HR Templates
Extra HR templates

All the LeaveBoard templates in one place. Leave Trackers and in Excel and more.

HR templates
Leave of absence

Learn what to do when employees request a leave of absence from work and how to minimize the impact of their leave on your business.

Employee leave of absence
The Importance of Employee Motivation

Motivation plays a very important factor in a human's life. Whether it is about improving ourselves or our organization’s performance.

Employee motivation
Working From Home in 2023

More and more companies understood that to attract and maintain for longer periods the talents they need for their business to be a competitive one, they have to adjust the working program, to switch towards flexible and remote working hours.

Work from home
Work life balance

By going through this article, you will find out more about the work-life balance, hoping that at the end of the reading you will know the exact changes you have to make for achieving that healthy balance between your work and life.

Work life balance
The guide to remote work for office people

For some time, remote work has been only for freelancers and digital nomads. But the current health crisis has changed this. Now, many companies have started to shift their view to protect their employees. Therefore, a lot of people who are used to working in a collective face the challenge of moving the office to their home. So here is a guide for all those who are working from home for the first time in their career.

Remote work
How to go Paperless in 2023? A Simple Guide for Small Businesses

A paperless office has many advantages from reducing costs for office supplies to showing you care for the environment. Small and medium businesses are the first to adopt this new way of work. That’s because they’re more open to innovation, have limited budgets, and follow a more sustainability-oriented company culture.

How to go paperless?
The digital HR transformation is here: Discover its benefits and take action

Find out all you have to know about the digital HR transformation that will change your workplace. Establish your goals, choose reliable HR software, and become responsive, efficient, and happy. Digital transformation is here and it's part of your life whether you like or not. Discover its benefits and use technology to your advantage.

Digital transformation
A short and noteworthy guide to a positive company culture

In this guide, we explore why any organization should design and have one company culture, how it works, and what benefits you will obtain in your company if it relies on a set of shared values.

Company culture
How To Write a Leave Application For Office Like a Pro? (with samples)

Learn what are the most important elements of a leave application. What should you include in your leave application request? Find 11 ready to use samples that you can copy-paste when you need them. The examples go from sickness leave, to annual vacation, to casual leave, to doctors appointment.

Leave Application Samples
The Best HR Software for Small Business

HR software can save you a lot of time and energy, eliminate human errors, and provide exquisite tools for managing the workforce. Discover some of the best solutions in the market

Best HR Software for Small Business
How To Manage a Team Like a Natural-Born Leader

Skills and techniques are easier to teach, but values, beliefs, and attitudes are much harder to teach — and harder for managers to learn. And precisely these are the inner qualities that will most make managers successful — or not.

Team Management Skills
Benefits of Core HR Software for Small and Medium Business

You don’t need to fill your day tracking sickness, approving holiday requests, updating employee information, and compiling turnover reports. Core HR software automates the repetitive tasks you hate, so you can focus on responsibilities that have a real impact on your organization.

Core HR Software Benefits
Employee retention strategy

Discover the most impactful methods to retain your employees. Learn what retention means, how to calculate it, and how to keep your employees motivated, committed and loyal to your business.

Employee retention
Employee turnover: Definition, Types, Reasons, and Consequences

In our modern world, employees do not tend to stick around with the same employer for their entire careers. Employees come and go for different reasons in any business: maybe a better job, starting a family, or retiring. Regardless of their motivation, leaving a company is a normal process of the business balance.

Employee turnover
Employee absenteeism: definition, rates, causes, costs and remedies

Discover a comprehensive guide of questions and especially answers about workforce absenteeism covering: absenteeism definition, rates, causes, costs and remedies for this HR challenge.

Employee absenteeism
Change Management in Organizations

Find what change management means, when it occurs, the usual goals, what steps should a company take in order to achieve it, who is in charge of organizational change, and what issues you may encounter on the way to accomplish the desired result in your company.

Change management
Employee Presenteeism

Presenteeism is the act of showing up for work without being productive, generally because poor health prevents it. Learn about its causes, types, effects and importance, and learn how to fix this people problem.

Employee Management

In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know to understand the concept of employee management in depth and wisely choose the best-fit system for your business and employees.

Employee management guide
Employee Engagement

In this guide, we want to discuss employee engagement: what it is, how it can benefit you and your organization, tips on improving engagement among your employees, and examples of strategies that work.

Employee engagement strategies
People management skills

People management strategies can make all the difference between bad, mediocre, good, and great employee experience. New upgrades in HR systems and processes have altered the nature, extent, and scope of people management.

Essential people management skills
Employee morale: the vitamin that boosts your organizations immune system

Employee morale is a complex concept, and it involves many factors and variables, personal and professional. Discover how you can boost employee morele, what are the effects of staff morale, and how you can measure this aspect.

Employee morale guide
What makes a good leader in 2023? A short guide to great leadership

Being a good or even great leader has always been a competitive advantage. Regardless of the size of the team/company you are managing, you will require a complete set of leadership skills that will help in your everyday relationships: with employees, team members, other managers, clients, etc. Lets discover the 15 best leadership qualities.

Leadership qualities
Org charts

In this guide, we share the details about the organizational structure of a company, various models of organizational charts, valuable tips, best practices and downloadable templates you can use according to your company structure and size.

What is an Organizational Chart?
Employee feedback

Feedback represents the exchange of information about the performance of a person or product. Discover how to give feedback to your workforce efficiently using our examples, tips and best practices. Learn why feedback is directly linked to increased morale and productivity.

Employee feedback examples
Employee burnout

Employee burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed. Learn the importance of this syndrome, the signs, causes and solutions you have when dealing with it.

Employee burnout
The 10 Challenges of Managing Annual Leave for Employees and How to Overcome Them

Annual leave creates a lot of frustration in many companies. Many times is a chore that HR managers what to avoid dealing with it. Learn how to handle all parts of it like a pro, starting with allowances, entitlements, calculations, carry-forwards, multi-geographies and more.

Managing employee annual leave
What Is Stress Leave?

Job stress is represented by the emotional and psychological response that occurs when the job requirements do not match the needs and capacity of the employee. Find a guide for effective stress leave management for your employees.

Leave Stress Behind You. What Is Stress Leave? & How To Get A Stress Leave From Work?
Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations that guide employee actions in a particular workplace.

Employee Handbook - The Most Handy Solution For Happy Employees
Internal Communication: From Zero To Hero

In this article, we look at the definition of internal communication in the light of the pandemic. We explore its forms, challenges, and importance and drill down into boosting internal communication. The last chapter will be dedicated to internal communication during crises, especially during the pandemic.

Internal Communications
Organizational Development: The Guide You Have Been Waiting For

In this article, we will discuss what organizational development is, why it’s crucial for your business, what objectives can be accomplished with OD, examples of OD, and how the HR department fits into this whole story.

Organizational Development
Strengthen Your Organization With Leave Management System

In this article, we discuss the opportunities of using a leave management system, the benefits such solution offer, tips and the overall importance of leave management for small and medium business.

Leave Management System Guide
Time Off Management Software - Why You Need It And How Will It Improve Your Organization

This article highlights what is actually time-off management and how it can be incredibly easy, why HR software will be of great help, and some tips and tricks on finding suitable automated system for your organization and team.

Time Off Management Software Importance
Best Practices In Booking, Approving, and Managing Employee Leave Requests

Find the answers to the three most common questions in dealing with annual leave: allowing employees to request, managers to approve, and HR leaders to ensure all requests are managed fairly.

Booking, Approving, and Managing Employee Leave Requests
Human Resources Strategy Examples

A Human Resource strategy is a business’s global plan to manage its human capital to line up with its mission, vision, and goals. The Human Resource strategy focuses on all crucial areas of human resources, such as searching for and training employees, implementing and organizing benefits, evaluating performance, and offering development opportunities.

Human Resources Strategy
Managing Sickness Absence In The Workplace

Are you struggling in dealing with employee sickness at work? Read on. This guide covers three critical methods for managing employee sick leave with an online tracker, addressing the causes of sickness absence, and how to reduce employee sickness at work.

Sickness management
Discover the Company Growth Plan By Investing In Your Employees and Its Benefits

Granting professional development opportunities enhances employee engagement, helps with retention and attracts top talent, which has been one of the biggest challenges for employers in the last year. Learn how to build your plan to employee development this year with actionable steps and trackable benefits.

Employee development
20 Employee Incentives Program Ideas to Motivate Your Staff

Employee incentives represent anything that can motivate, inspire, and engage your workforce. They may represent a small attention given at the right time, a word of appreciation or support when needed, recognition across the company, extra time off, and anything in between.

Employee Incentives Program Ideas
The Basics Of Human Resource Management

In the following lines, we will explore more about this concept of HR Management, explain its importance, the typical activities conducted within the HR department, what an HR manager does and how you can end up working in HR.

Human Resource Management
How To Stop Employees From Overusing PTO And Sick Leave?

Not all employees will exploit their time off entitlements; however, you can limit them and eliminate the negative consequences they might have on the overall business with a few tools and practical measures. Learn how to address the issue like a pro today.

Stop PTO And Sick Leave Abuse
The Key Pillars of Employee Relations

Employee relations refers to the efforts of an organization to create and maintain a positive relationship with its employees. Discover its importance, how to deal with employee relations issues, and gain access to tips and best practices.

Employee Relations
How To Deal With Underperformance In The Workspace?

Underperformance, or poor performance, is the process when an employee fails to meet the standard of work that you expect and have set out in their contract, or their productivity is low. Learn all about this topic.

Employee underperformance
A Guide to Workforce Planning Process: Definition, Importance, Benefits

Workforce planning is the process of analyzing the workforce and determining the steps it must take to prepare for future staffing needs. Learn more about the benefits of workforce planning strategy and what are the steps you need to take to address such tasks.

Workforce Planning
The HR Business Partner - A Complete Guide

In this guide, we will explain what an HR business partner is, the responsibilities of a person having this role, the main tasks, and why this concept is entirely different from an HR manager.

HR Business Partner
Employee Attrition Rate: Definition, Calculator, Types and Causes, Importance

Learn about the attrition rate, including how to calculate attrition rates, causes of high attrition rates, and actionable tips on how to increase retention.

Employee Attrition Rate
Diversity & Inclusion: How to Create a Diverse and Inclusive Environment in the Workplace?

The diversity definition refers to the existence of variations and different characteristics in a group of people. We will discuss about the challenges and solutions of having a diverse workforce, how to promote diversity and inclusion at work, plus the benfits of a diverse workforce.

Workforce diversity
Tips to Implement and Perfect your Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is the process of familiarizing a new employee with the policies and culture of the company. In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about employee onboarding, from the importantce of the concept, to best practices for the future.

Employee Onboarding
Main Types of Leaves To Grant To Your Employees

All countries have labor laws that entitle employees to many types of leaves for different reasons. For companies to comply with the law, it is necessary to understand the various rules governing paid and unpaid leave.

Types of leaves
The Core HR Functions and How To Juggle Them Successfully

In the following article, we have decided to share about the five more important HR functions: recruiting and staffing, compensation and benefits, training and development, talent and performance management, and safety and compliance.

Key HR Functions
12 Key Virtual Team-Building Activities to Create Stong Remote Teams

Featuring icebreakers, challenges, games, and other online team building activities you can implement on Zoom, Teams, Meet to create strong remote teams.

Virtual Team-Building Activities
Top Tips Of Achieving and Keeping Employees Happy

Happy employees should be among the most important factors in managing a successful, profitable business. Happy, satisfied and engaged employees tend to miss less work, be more productive, and are more creative.

Employee happiness
HR Best Practices - The Guide You Need For 2023

Discover the guide to key HR best practices you need to know this year: 1 transparency, 2 recruitment, 3 training, 4 compensation, 5 incentives, 6 software, 7 compliance, and 8 productivity.

HR Best Practices
How to Measure and Improve Employee Productivity in the Workplace?

In the long-term success of a company, employee productivity is a key factor. Find out the details, tips and best practices to improve productivity in your workplace.

Employee Productivity
How to Become a Problem-Solving Pro? Discover The Importance, Benefits, and the Key Process to Solve Problems

One of the essential skills that leaders, managers, and effective people possess is to solve problems. Solving problems in the workplace leads to better decisions, improved revenue, and happier employees. Learn how to be an effective problem-solver today.

Problem solving skills
Key Triggers To Foster Excellent Teamwork

Teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or complete a task most effectively and efficiently. Learn more about the importance of teamwork, including how to trigger it and what are the key teamwork skills.

Teamwork Importance
How To Instill The Best Work Ethics Among Your Workforce?

Employees with a strong work ethic are determined to get the job done, no matter what. They often require less oversight of daily activities. Learn more on what are the strong work ethics abilities, and what are the key ways to create strong work ethics in thw workplace.

Ways to Create Strong Work Ethics
Team Building In 2023 - A Must For Successful Companies

Find out why you should consider organizing a team building for your employees, what benefits you will see, and especially how to organize such an event.

Team building
Collaboration at Work: The Secret Ingredient for Better Results

Fostering collaboration is part of a work culture that values employees happiness and wellbeing. Learn about the importance of collaboration, the skills needed and how to foster team exchange.

Collaboration at the Workplace
How to Build Trust at Work?

A profitable business begins with trust. And there are several types of trust you should consider: trust in the purpose and principles of the business, trust that you have chosen valuable employees for key positions, trust in leadership and HR processes, and trust between employees.

Trust at work
A Complete Guide to Positive Work Environment (with Examples)

Find out the Characteristics of a Positive Work Environment · 1. Positive Values · 2. Smart Tools · 3. Open and Honest Communication. 4. Engaging Company Culture and more. Find out the signs and the methods to foster an environment where employees like to work.

Positive Work Environment
10 Great Examples of Mission and Vision Statements (+ How to Write Your Own)

Mission and vision statements drive action, empower your employees, and shape company culture. Discover 10 inspiring examples of mission and vision statements from companies you like: Google, Facebook, Shopify, etc, and learn how to write yours today.

Mission and Vision Statements
30 Inspirational Employee Appreciation Ideas

Top employee appreciation ideas include: Say thank you. Offer gifts. Take them out to lunch. Celebrate work anniversaries. Grant employees extra time off. Learn other 25 remarkable appreciation ideas that your staff will love.

Employee Appreciation Ideas
10 tips on how to improve the job satisfaction of your team members

Are you interested in improving the job satisfaction of your team members? Here are 10 tips that teach you how: 1. Recognize & reward good work · 2. Be flexible. 3. Invest in staff development Allow employees to shape their own roles · 4. Avoid micro-management. Learn extra ways to boost satisfaction in this guide.

Employee satisfaction
The Art of Delegating Tasks: How to, Main Benefits And Tips to Follow

Being able to delegate tasks is a crucial leadership skill. Follow these steps to learn how to delegate: 1. Identify the task, 2. match the person to the job, 3. provide the right instructions, 4. monitor implementation and provide feedback.

How to delegate
Motivational quotes

When you are looking needs some inspiration, we have a special selection of motivational quotes that will boost your employees mood and productivity.

Motivational quotes
30 Work Anniversary Ideas for Celebrating Remote and In-Person

Discover 30 work anniversary ideas that your employees will appreciate: send a gift, increase leave entitlement, offer training, give them a voice, and other fun and surprising ways to celebrate.

Work Anniversary Ideas
Time Off Management Guide - Importance, Benefits, How to Manage Time Off like A Pro

When you want to simplify time-of requests, complicated policies, and repetitive processes, we have a set of best practices and tips to help your time off with easy-to-use tracking systems that your business will benefit.

Time Off Management Guide
How To Deal With No Call No Show From Employees?

Discover the effective set of eight actions on how to handle no-call, no-show employees: 1 The attendance policy, 2 Explain the policy to the workforce 3 Enforce the policy 4 Revise absence scheduling practices 5 Create an on call list 6 Communicate to your employees 7 Remain calm 8 Ask for proof.

8 ways to deal with no-call, no-show employees
7 Tips on How to Spot, Manage and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

The best ways to handle conflict at work:1 Get to the root cause of the conflict, 2 Schedule a time to meet and discuss the conflict, 3 Listen actively and let everyone have their say, 4 Investigate the situation, 5 Get insight from your employee handbook 6. Identify and work toward solutions both parties can support, 7 Follow up and decide preventive strategies for the future.

How to Manage and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace
30 Employee Appreciation Quotes for Every Occasion

When you need to acknowledge performance, hard work, discipline, teamwork, good collaboration or work ethic for managers, team members, or coworkers , we have 30 employee appreciation quotes that you can use freely.

Employee Appreciation Quotes
Teamwork Quotes To Inspire Your Coworkers

Discover a collection of curated teamwork quotes to inspire and lift the team members to new heights or remind your coworkers about the importance of working as a team.

Teamwork Quotes
10 Ways Leaders Can Support Their Teams

To support your teams and re-energize them as a leader follow these tips: 1. Create a Healthy Work Environment, 2.Be Empathic, 3.Boost Confidence by Delegating Tasks, 4. Prioritize Work, 5. Build on Patterns, 6. Treasure Time, 7. Be Transparent, 8. Focus on the Mindset, 9. Show Your Appreciation, and 10. Invest in Education and Growth.

How Leaders Can Support Their Teams?
12 Management Challenges and Tips To Overcome Them

The top 12 challenges facing management within organizations today are 1. Setting clear goals, 2. Encouraging team productivity, 3. Communicating effectively, 4. Managing time, 5. Making the right hiring decisions, 6. Letting employees go, 7. Delegating, 8. Fighting burnout, 9. Making the right hiring decision, 10. Shifting your mindset to being a leader, 11. Know your team members, and 12. Pressure to perform. Learn how to tackle each one of them.

Top management challenges
Main Employee Performance Goals and Objectives (With Examples)

A performance goal is a target level of performance expressed as a tangible, measurable objective against which actual achievement can be compared, including a goal expressed as a quantitative standard, value, or rate. Find several performance goal examples, and how you can benefit them.

Employee Performance Goals
20 Areas of Improvement for Employees

Among the key areas of improvement for employees: 1 Public speaking, 2 Written communication, 3 Interpersonal relations, 4 Listening, 5 Creativity, 6 Emotional intelligence, 7 Conflict resolution, 8 Adaptability, 9 Teamwork, 10 Self-management. Discover more examples where your employees can get better.

Areas of Improvement
The Essential Steps to Build Effective Teams

The essential steps to build effective teams are:1. Make a plan, 2. Setup rules and guidelines, 3. Be a good manager and show respect, 4. Put the team on top of the priorities, and 5. Have honest conversations with your peers.

How to build effective teams?
How to Celebrate Success at Work (15 Examples Included)?

Celebrating success at work should be more than just sending a thank you message to the team. Here are some great ways to acknowledge success: 1. Meal out, 2. Extra time off, 3. Office parties, 4. Lunch break, 5. Gift cards, 6. Custom benefits, 7. Monetary bonuses, find out more.

How to Celebrate Success at Work?
What Is Effective Communication? Definition, Main Attributes, Skills, and Barriers

Effective communication consists in successfully delivering a message to a target audience. Learn how to improve your communication, what skills you need, and what are the benefits of owning such skills.

Effective communication
21 Team Building Activities for Work

Ok, you are looking for fun team-building activities for work to boost motivation and team bonding. We have compiled 21 examples to organize your successful team-building experience for your employees.

Team Building Activities
Google Calendar Tips to Make Your Day Better

1. Use multiple calendars, 2. Customize your settings, 3. Syncronize, 4. Use the daily agenda, 5. Share your plans for the day. 6. Make sensitive data private, 7. Enable flexible working schedules, 8. Keep up with the public holidays, 9. Keep up with the timezones, 10. Schedule remote video conferences.

Google Calendar Tips
10 SMART Goals to look forward to in 2023 as an HR practitioner

10 Human Resources (HR) Smart Goal Examples: 1. Remodel the organization core values, 2. Reduce time on administrative tasks, 3. Emphasize employee feedback, 4. Cultivate employee performance, 5. Automate processes, 6. Enhance staff retention, 7. Encourage staff collaboration, 8. Rethink employee benefits, 9. Improve onboarding process, 10. Enhance employee engagement.

10 SMART HR Goals
20+ Inspirational Quotes For Team Management

We have a selection of some of the most creative quotes of team management that you can enjoy. We've selected some inspiring quotes from well-known authors, management gurus, corporate executives, startup founders, and more. We enjoy these wise sayings very much, and we do hope you will like them also.

Team Management Quotes
12 Email Templates To Prepare Managers For Key Conversations

As a manager, you need to handle difficult situations (ie people showing late, missing deadlines, or has a negative attitude). We have assembled a set of email templates to guide you in dealing with them.

Email Templates For Managers
10 Types of Management Styles for Effective Leaders

Management Styles: 1 Autocratic · 2 Paternalistic · 3 Persuasive · 4 Democratic · 5 Consultative· 6 Collaborative · 7 Transformational · 8 Laissez-faire · 9 Visionary · 10 Delegative.

Management Styles
How to Stay Focused at Work?

Key tips to improve your focus and concentration at work · 1. Create Healthy Habits · 2. Define Boundaries · 3. Respect Your Time · 4. Share Your Schedule · 5. Watch Your · 6. Diet Remember to Exercise · 7. Sleep Well & More.

Stay focused at work
Boost Your Work Week With 100+ Inspirational Quotes

Inspiration boosts our motivation at work. It helps us to find the energy to move forward at work and in our personal life. Remarkable well-known figures have excellent thoughts about our struggles and how we can go from can’t do it - to done; from I’m tired - to I can finish this today. Let’s check the 100+ examples of thougs and sayings out.

Inspirational work quotes
Why Company Values Are Important [+ 50 Inspiring Examples]

Top company values examples include: Integrity · Honesty · Teamwork · Accountability · Innovation · Commitment · Empowerment · Quality · Consistency · Service excellence · Fun. Discover why they are important and much more examples to shape your core values

Company Values Examples
How to Write Meeting Minutes? [With 4 Free Template Examples]

A meeting minute is a written record of the meeting. It includes everything that happens during the meeting, from discussion points to concrete actions, task planning, next steps, and so on. Learn how to write them like a pro, and use our free notes templates.

Meeting Minutes Examples
How To Write a Solid and Comprehensive Self-Evaluation for The Next Performance Review? (+ 40 Examples)

A meeting minute is a written record of the meeting. It includes everything that happens during the meeting, from discussion points to concrete actions, task planning, next steps, and so on. Learn how to write them like a pro, and use our free notes templates.

Self-Evaluation Examples
100 Examples of Performance Appraisal Phrases for Employee Reviews

Simplify the way you carry out performance appraisal reviews with our selection of phrases, comments and examples that you can just copy-paste.

Examples of Performance Review Phrases
7 Types of Organization Structures + Examples, Pros and Cons

1. Hierarchical structure 2. Functional structure 3. Divisional structure 4. Horizontal (flat) structure 5. Team-based structure 6. Network structure 7. Matrix structure

Organization Structures
Probation periods - a comprehensive guide for employers

The probationary period is a defined period of time(typically 3 months) from the moment of hiring until the employee becomes permanent. Learn why probation periods are important, how to implement them in your business, and get the answers you need in your quest.

Probation periods
The Guide to Writing a Meeting Agenda in 2023 (with 9 Examples & Free Templates)

Discover the key tips and best practices when it comes to meeting agendas. Find 9 free to use templates that you can use regardless of the needs you have: Weekly Team Meeting Agenda, Team meeting, Project kickoff, Leadership, Remote, Performance review, One-on-one, Retrospective, Project meeting, and more.

Meeting Agenda Examples
40 Christmas Gifts for Employees

Get your ideas from: Gift cards, books, OTT Subscriptions, Online courses, Office gadgets, Concert tickets, Spa access, Moleskine notebook, Plants, Gym pass, Office decor, Wine, Travel kit, eBook reader, Reusable mug, Cooking lesson, Chocolate, Board games, Coffee, and much more.

Christmas Gifts for Employees
2023 Working days and hours

Need to know how many working days and hours are in 2023, well we have some calendars to help you have the answers to such questions. Moreover, you have all the US holidays nicely arranged so that you visualize the details you're looking for.

2023 Working days and hours
7 Best Online Calendar Apps

Discover the list with the best calendars: Outlook365, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Calendly, Fantastical, Asana, LeaveBoard that you can use freely for personal or business reasons.

Best Online Calendar Apps
Employee Benefits: Definition, Types, and Why Are They Essential

Top employee benefits examples include: · Paid vacation leave · Flexible hours · Remote work · Life insurance · Dental insurance · Work life balance · Personal development · Wellness · Retirement plan · Find out more

Employee Benefits Examples
100 Icebreaker Questions

Key icebreaker questions include: · What is on your bucket list? · Where do you like to go on holiday? · What do you do to relax? · What is your favorite daily routine? · Who is your favorite public speaker, and why? · What makes you smile? · Which is your favorite quote? Find out more icebreak questions for work.

Icebreaker Questions
Workplace Accountability: Definition, Barriers, Examples and Main Benefits

Every employee must be accountable for their actions, behaviors, output, and decisions in the workplace. Learn how you can foster accountability and what is the real meaning with several examples and comparisons.

Workplace Accountability
Top 10 KPIs in HR

Top 10 KPIs in HR are: 1. Employee turnover rate, 2. Rate of employee absenteeism, 3. Employee satisfaction level, 4. Employee productivity level, 5. Average recruitment time, 6. Cost of recruitment, 7. Employee engagement levels, 8. Workplace accidents, 9. Employee Net Promoter Score (NPS), and 10. Diversity KPIs. Learn more about these KPIs, and discover how you can measure and improve them.

Top 10 KPIs in HR
Top 7 tips to improve your time management skills at work

Top 7 tips to improve your time management skills at work: 1. Schedule and plan ahead, 2. Use the Eisenhower Matrix to prioritize Urgent vs. Important, 3. Reduce interruptions, 4. Use the Pomodoro Technique, 5. Track your time, 6. Organize your to-do list, 7. Eliminate time-stealing activities from your life.

Improve time management skills
The Goal-Setting Process: Definition, Importance, How to Set and Achieve Goals

The 7 Effective steps to perfect your goals-setting process are: 1. Set goals that resonate with you, 2. Set SMART goals, 3. Write down your goals, 4. Create an action plan, 5. Take action, 6. Be accountable, 7. Reflect and fix. Learn actionable tips to make your goals a reality.

Goal-Setting Process
12 Friendly Reminder Email Examples, Plus Format and Tips

A reminder email or letter is a written message sent as a follow-up to a previous interaction. Discover 12 examples you can use today: friendly, polite, gentle, meeting reminder, payment reminder, simple reminder, manager reminder, missing information reminder, event reminder, appointment reminder, job interview reminder, and a project deadline reminder.

Reminder Email Examples
Formal Letter Format

Formatting a professional letter can be difficult, so read on to learn the proper business letter format, as well as examples and tips.

Formal Letter Format
What Is Employee Experience, and Why Employers Must Get It Right?

Employee experience (EX) represents everything an employee encounters during their professional journey with your company, from the moment they look at your job opening to their last day of work and beyond.

Employee Experience
Guide to Sabbatical Leave: Definition, Types, and Benefits

Sabbatical leave is a career break that you grant to meritorious employees to pursue their passions and do the activities they can not do while following their regular work schedules. Learn more about its types, benefits and challenges.

Sabbatical Leave
Top 10 Interpersonal Skills Needed to Excel as a Team Player in the Workplace

The Key Interpersonal Skills to Master are: 1. Communication, 2. Leadership, 3. Teamwork, 4. Diplomacy, 5. Inclusivity, 6. Negotiation, 7. Empathy, 8. Stress management, 9. Emotional Intelligence, 10. Positive reinforcement. Learn the secrets of each of these skills.

Interpersonal Skills