Human Resource Guides

Learn from the pros how to deal with essential HR topics.

Time Off Requests

As part of this guide, we will show you that time-off requests don’t have to be a stressful task, by offering in-depth tips and tricks regarding time off policies, recording best practices and efficient handling guidelines.

Time off requests
Paid Time off

As the owner or responsible of a small to medium business, paid time off is one of the administrative aspects that you will have to deal with across the year. In the mini-guide below, we will deep-dive into the essential aspects of this HR practice and uncover the key myths.

Paid Time Off
Absence Management

One of the duties of a human-resource professional is to improve the absence management. We have put together a set of ten practical aspects you need to implement in your business.

Absence management
HR Challenges

We have put together the most common HR challenges, and try to provide solutions to each of them.

HR challenges
Employee motivation

Discover 8 best ways to increase employee motivation — the key to the success of your organization!

Employee motivation
Employee onboarding

Discover the onboarding process, the onboarding checklist and the best practices when it comes to onboarding new employees

Employee onboarding
Choosing HR Software

7 Aspects You Need To Know Before Buying Cloud HR Software For Your Business.

Choosing HR Software
Switching from Spreadsheets to HR Software

Are you swamped with tedious HR tasks, and constantly looking to find ways to reduce errors and ask colleagues to report their time-off? Find the reason why.

Tracking leaves with Excel vs a HR system
Business and Federal Holidays

Are you looking to know when the next federal holiday will take place or as an employeer you need to give some paid holidays? Look no further.

US Business Holidays, Federal Holidays.
Free to use templates

Essential templates tho help employees make better decisions when it comes to time and absences.

Leave Request Form, Vacation Request Form
HR templates

All the LeaveBoard templates in one place.

HR templates