40 Gifts for Employees For Your Coworkers Will Love In 2024

As the holiday season is fast approaching, companies and organizations are struggling to come up with the best holiday gifts for employees. After seeing everything from simple letters showing appreciation to luxury items to classic corporate mugs and agendas, one may think it's impossible to come up with something new. 

However, employees appreciate you taking the time to consider their wishes and gifting them something they really want or need. So why not take the next step this year and ask them to write Santa a letter letting him know what they wish for? And because Santa is on a budget and must be sure he treats everyone equally, provide a list of gifts to choose from. Here are 40 of the best Christmas gifts for employees.

1. Gift Card

Description: A gift card represents a fixed amount of money employees can use to buy products or services from a particular vendor. You may choose an online store with a wide variety of products or something more specific, such as a bookstore.

Why it works: Gift cards are versatile and easy to use. Employees can choose whatever they like or buy presents for their families.

Price: $50 - $100.

Alternatives: Instead of a gift card, you can add the corresponding amount of money to their paycheck.

2. Books

Description: Books may seem too general and neutral, but if you choose them right, they may be the perfect gift. Consider books everyone would like to have, such as famous cookbooks, travel books, or art albums. You may give employees a list of books or domains from which to choose their favorites.

Why it works: Everyone loves a good book. It's educational, a good conversation topic, and a way to get to know your colleagues.

Price: $20-$30

Alternatives: A gift card to a bookstore.

3. In-house Entertainment

Description: A few months of free OTT subscription will boost morale and improve the holiday season. You can ask employees what they have and what they'd wish to have to ensure you don't give them something they already have. 

Why it works: In-house entertainment is something employees can share with their families. It's also a preferred relaxation method.

Price: $10/month

Alternatives: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, YouTube Premium, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount

4. Class or Course with Paid Certificate

Description: A paid class may be the perfect holiday gift for employees willing to learn new skills or expand their knowledge. Ask them what they wish for or offer a list of choices. If attending in a group, courses improve teamwork and help employees create strong work relationships.

Why it works: It's something to look forward to. Not many employees afford paid classes and courses but are eager to learn and become better professionals or more creative.

Price: $20 - $200

Alternatives: LinkedIn, Udemy, Coursera

5. Office Gadgets

Description: Office gadgets are always on top, from headphones to speakers to USB mugs to cool coffee makers. They improve the workspace, create healthy boundaries, and make employees' lives easier.

Why it works: Employees spend a lot of time at the office, which may seem much longer when surrounded by dark, dusty, dull objects.

Price: $50

Alternatives: USB-powered devices, music gear, coffee/tea devices, high-quality office chairs

6. Out-of-house Entertainment

Description: A pass to a fancy multiplex or tickets to a concert, opera, or theater play is a nice way to show appreciation and encourage employees to relax and enjoy the city's cultural life. Ensure you offer double tickets so they can get a date.

Why it works: It's something you can share with a loved one. It's also something not many people find time or money for, which makes it a different experience from our mundane activities.

Price: $50 - $100

Alternatives: Classic music concerts, opera, theater, movies, Broadway shows

7. Spa Day

Description: Book them a day at a fancy spa facility with plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy. Allow employees to personalize their experiences and choose from various services. If you want, you may include a +1 offer.

Why it works: There are many ways to get pampered at the spa, and you can hardly find someone not to enjoy a swimming pool, a sauna, or a massage.

Price: $100 - $200

Alternatives: sports centers, indoor water parks, thermal water centers

8. Moleskine Notebook

Description: Famous worldwide, Moleskine notebooks are elegant, chic, and even collectible. They are classic notebooks one uses for the most intimate or ingenious thoughts.

Why it works: A notebook is a classic Christmas gift that works. It's something everyone needs. And because it's a Moleskine notebook, the present becomes stylish. 

Price: $30 - $50

Alternatives: Leuchtturm

9. Basket of Festive Treats

Description: A basket of goodies that will warm their hearts and fill their bellies is another classic holiday gift that won't go away too soon. Employees love to receive good chocolates, biscuits, wine, and a fine cheese selection. Choose good quality products and pay attention to food allergies.

Why it works: We all want to indulge in something exquisite during the holidays. Furthermore, not many people afford good wine or gourmet foods.

Price: $100

Alternatives: Swiss or Belgian chocolate, French cheese, Italian wine

10. Apartment Plants

Description: A Christmas tree in a pot that can be planted in the forest in spring is a nice Christmas gift. For other holidays, you may choose a Bonsai Tree or other decorative plants that make our homes and offices better places. Some say green is the color of tranquility and health.

Why it works: A plant is an endless giver. It provides oxygen, improves our mental health, and gives us something to care about.

Price: $30

Alternatives: Christmas tree, Bonsai Tree, Succulents

11. Gym Pass

Description: A yearly pass to a good gym for the New Year is a gift that shows you are preoccupied with employees' health and well-being. Choose a gym that offers classes for all fitness levels and has personal trainers to help newcomers accommodate.

Why it works: People wish for it but don't want to spend money on it. But when they get it for free, they will most likely try it and enjoy it.

Price: $400

Alternatives: World Class, 7-card

12. Basket of Office Treats

Description: Instead of going for holiday treats, go for snacks that make the office days better. Include a selection of good coffee and tea, nuts and dried fruits, sweets, and salty snacks. Ensure you choose healthy, good-quality products.

Why it works: It's something employees can enjoy at the office, with their colleagues, during a longer break, or while working. It emphasizes the holiday spirit even if they still have a few weeks until the holidays.

Price: $50

Alternatives: Christmas blend coffee, tea with spices, homemade biscuits, and gingerbread

13. Office Décor

Description: It can be anything that makes the office space prettier, from aromatic candles to pen holders to phone holders to frames for family photos. If you go for items with fragrance, ensure you choose a subtle one that doesn't disturb the surroundings.

Why it works: It makes the office warmer and ready for the holidays, but it also provides valuable items to use in the future.

Price: $15

Alternatives: Vanilla-scented candles, handmade décor items, holders, and frames made of natural materials

14. Wine

Description: Holidays are for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than sharing a bottle of wine with your family and friends? And the celebration is even merrier when that bottle is an expensive wine gifted to you by your company.

Why it works: It's a gift that finds a place in any house.

Price: $100

Alternatives: Italian wine, French wine, Portuguese wine, Californian wine

15. Travel Kit

Description: A travel kit allows employees to work in the best conditions outside the office. It may include a laptop bag, earphones, a reusable water bottle or coffee mug, a portable agenda, and a phone case. You can personalize them with the company's logo.

Why it works: Employees often work on trains during their daily commute. Furthermore, many of them attend conferences or meet clients outside the office. A travel kit allows them to focus on work and have everything they need at hand.

Price: $100

Alternatives: Samsonite, Peak Design, HP

16. Sustainable Self-care Kit

Description: A package of sustainable self-care products goes a long way. It may include solid soaps and shampoos, wood toothbrushes and toothpaste in reusable packaging, sustainable make-up brushes for the ladies, and wool buffs or gloves for the gentlemen.

Why it works: It shows the company cares about the environment and encourages people to change their lifestyle and adopt more sustainable habits.

Price: $100

Alternatives: Boots, Georganics

17. Remote Work Kit

Description: For employees working from home or hubs, a remote work kit must provide power and connectivity. A power bank for recharging the laptop or phone, headphones or earphones, laptop support, and a WiFi solution may be exactly what they need to finish their task from anywhere.

Why it works: It shows you are flexible and acknowledge the employees' choices and lifestyles. It's also extremely useful.

Price: $300

Alternatives: Anker, Samsung, ObVus, HumanCenter, Orange

18. e-Book Reader

Description: An e-Book reader is a digital way of reading books. You can have hundreds of them under a single cover and only carry a lightweight and stylish device with you.

Why it works: It's useful, stylish, and a good way to promote your company's sustainability goals.

Price: $150

Alternatives: Kindle, Kobo

19. Additional Leave Day

Description: An additional leave day to their yearly entitlement is a much-appreciated holiday gift. It means the next year employees can spend a day more with their families. Instead of rewarding extra time off as a thank-you gift for a work anniversary, make it a Christmas gift.

Why it works: Employees appreciate time off more than anything. Also, granting additional leave days makes people more willing to stay with the company.

Price: Free

Alternatives: Flexible work schedules, a free day in the holiday season

20. Hobby-centric Gift

Description: Ask employees what hobbies they have and prepare a Christmas gift that matches their preferences. It may be an art class, the first paragliding experience, or the newest gaming gadget. Taking something off their bucket list is a great holiday present.

Why it works: Who wouldn't like to receive support in pursuing their hobbies and having amazing experiences?

Price: Depends on the activity. You may have a limited budget.

Alternatives: Classes, adventures, gadgets

21. Personalized, Portable, Reusable Mug

Description: A reusable mug you can carry anywhere with you is a useful gift the employees will use all year round. Add the company's logo, and a free ad will go with each employee on their commute, coffee breaks, and visits to clients.

Why it works: They are fun, easy to personalize, and sustainable. 

Price: $20

Alternatives: Water bottle from Etsy, Amazon, Walmart

22. Experiential Gift

Description: An experiential gift is the first time someone does an activity. You may use the occasion to organize a teambuilding and have your employees experiment with the same adventure. Or, you may ask them what they wish for and gift them exactly that.

Why it works: It's fun and full of adrenaline. It's a good way to improve teamwork and lift people's morale.

Price: Depends on the adventure

Alternatives: Climbing, skydiving, visiting a national park

23. Cooking Lesson

Description: Book a cooking lesson that covers a Christmas or other special holiday. It may be a baking class or a traditional cooking class. If possible, make it a group experience and encourage employees to work together.

Why it works: It's all about the holiday spirit.

Price: $200

Alternatives: Christmas Chocolate Cooking Course, Christmas Baking

24. Access to Wellness Apps

Description: Wellness apps monitor our lifestyle and guide us towards a healthier and more active life. They may target losing weight, eating better, improving our fitness routine, building muscles, sleeping habits, and many other aspects of our busy lives. 

Why it works: It improves employees' welfare, fitness levels, concentration, and overall lifestyle

Price: $50

Alternatives: Fitness+, Noom, Deliciously Ella, Garmin

25. Desk Organizers

Description: Help employees improve their performance, focus, and time management with a desk organizer. It keeps everything in place and maintains order on our busy desks.

Why it works: A well-organized office space and desk is proven to reduce stress, improve efficiency, and create a more friendly work environment.

Price: $20

Alternatives: Anthropologie, Etsy, The Container Store

26. Power Banks

Description: Portable power banks are devices that charge phones and laptops on the go. They can help you out from running out of battery in the middle of a meeting or phone call.

Why it works: It's useful, portable, and with benefits for both working hours and leisure.

Price: $40

Alternatives: Swiss Tech, Samsung, Anker

27. Cake

Description: A cake is everyone's sweet dream and indulgence. Make the holiday season even sweeter with an artisan cake delivered to your employees' houses. Choose good quality products with natural ingredients and pay attention to possible food allergies. 

Why it works: It reminds people of childhood. A cake is a joyful gift one can share with friends and family.

Price: $20

Alternatives: Any local artisan cake bakery

28. Pillows and Cushions

Description: A neck pillow or a few cushions can make life at the office more pleasant and relaxed. Many office employees complain about back and neck pains, so making their life more comfortable is an adorable Christmas gift.

Why it works: It shows attention to people's needs and well-being.

Price: $20

Alternatives: Saatva, Marlow, Sweet Zzz

29. Chocolate, Lots of It

Description: Chocolate doesn't need an explanation, but because it's a Christmas gift, go for something good. Look for fair trade chocolate that respects the workers in the cocoa industry and sets an example to your employees. Also, pay attention to packaging and choose sustainable options.

Why it works: We all have a sweet tooth for chocolate, and it's something we can share and experience together.

Price: $50

Alternatives: Alter Eco Foods, Phillip Ashley Chocolates, Beyond Good, Endangered Species Chocolate

30. Board Games

Description: Board games are holiday fun for families and groups of friends. Choose a selection of collaborative games that encourage employees to work together rather than against each other. You can offer them in advance and let your teams try them out at the office.

Why it works: It's a great way to share the Christmas spirit and improve teamwork.

Price: $30

Alternatives: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, Back to the Future, Spirit Island

31. Vacation

Description: A weekend or a few days of the paid holiday will be a treat. Ask employees to tell you where they would prefer to go. It may be a city break, a few days in the mountains, or a weekend at the seaside. Fix a budget and let everyone choose their destination.

Why it works: A paid vacation is surprising and exciting. 

Price: $200

Alternatives: Work with a local travel agency

32. Office Makeover

Description: Whether they work from home or the office, employees need a healthy and well-organized workplace to be efficient and focused. Their Christmas gift may be an ergonomic chair, better furniture, or an improved lighting design.

Why it works: It's useful, thoughtful, and with long-term benefits.

Price: $150

Alternatives: Alera, Herman Miller, Duramont

33. Gourmet Dinner Party

Description: Invite employees to dine together in an elegant establishment where a famous chef is cooking. It's a good way of thanking them for a year of hard work and encouraging them to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Why it works: People can befriend, meet their families, and create stronger connections.

Price: $100

Alternatives: The best restaurant in the city

34. Money

Description: Money allows employees to pay bills, buy presents, and go on vacations. It may seem cold, but money is among the preferred holiday gifts. Give the same amount to everyone and let them decide what they want for Christmas by themselves.

Why it works: It's the most neutral and efficient Christmas gift.

Price: It's up to you

Alternatives: A salary raise

35. Year-long Invitation to Lunch

Description: If paying for employees' lunch is not amongst the benefits you already provide, it makes a good Christmas gift. You may consider hiring a catering firm, offering food coupons for ordering in or making a deal with the closest bistro.

Why it works: It's cost-effective, improves the employees' work experience, and maintains a healthy and happy staff.

Price: $1000

Alternatives: catering, online orders, local restaurant

36. Coffee or Tea Kit

Description: As coffee and tea are part of our daily routine, one can certainly enjoy an elegant or fun kit to survive in any condition. Include a fine collection of teas and coffee blends, maybe with Christmas flavors, a French press or an Italian classic espresso maker, and an assorted cup.

Why it works: It's a beautiful expression of mundane activity and encourages employees to enjoy every moment.

Price: $100

Alternatives: Flair, Bodum, Espro

37. Christmas Kit

Description: A Christmas gift should be about Christmas. So put together a package with everything people love about Christmas: decorations, gingerbread, candles, Christmas-decorated plates or cups, and even one of those traditional Reindeer sweaters. 

Why it works: It's simple, fun, and loveable.

Price: $30

Alternatives: Handmade items, local artisans

38. Feel-good Kit

Description: If you want something more generic that says 'Have a wonderful holiday!', go for a feel-good kit. Include a wide variety of items from blankets and cushions to fun slippers or T-shirts, bathrobes, spa toiletry products, and so on. You can let employees make their own selection from a list of items.

Why it works: It's thoughtful, warm, and friendly. It's also customizable so that everyone can get what they want.

Price: $30

Alternatives: Poyet Motte, Sherpa, Lush, Advent calendars

39. Wool Essentials

Description: Wool items make their grand return. They are no longer something only grandma has but something everyone wants. Merino wool, for example, is the choice for mountaineers and sports enthusiasts. So offer something warm, useful, and sustainable in the form of wool essentials, such as blankets, buffs, sweaters, socks, slippers, scarves, or sports equipment.

Why it works: They are good quality products designed to care for the body, soul, and planet.

Price: $50

Alternatives: Smart Wool, Woolmark, Catskill Merino

40. Office Party

Description: A classic office party may start the holiday celebration. Think of something fun like a thematic party or an in-house concert. Allow employees to bring their loved ones and get to know each other in a non-protocol environment.

Why it works: It's a different type of day at the office and encourages employees to relax and have fun together.

Price: $20

Alternatives: Christmas party, winter-themed party, carnival


Looking for Christmas gifts is an activity that starts in September. But it is far less time-consuming if you include your employees, make polls, and ask for their opinion or let them choose their gifts. Think of something flexible, joyful, and relaxing. After all, all we want for Christmas is some peace and quiet. But we don't mind if it smells like chocolate or freshly baked cookies.

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