60 Employee Appreciation Quotes for Every Occasion

Showing appreciation isn’t just the manager’s business. Employees feel the need to be acknowledged and valued by their peers, team leaders, and, at a more general level, by the company. And there are plenty of occasions to say “thank you,” send a few encouraging words or motivate people with a well-chosen quote.

If you struggle to find the right words, consider the occasion, your relationship with the receiver, and your most genuine feelings. The following 60 appreciation quotes will help you pack everything into the best message for your colleagues, peers, or managers.

The appreciation words are structured among a set of categories:

  • Classic Appreciation Quotes for Your Peers
  • Professional Appreciation Quotes for Your Manager
  • Friendly Appreciation Quotes for the Team
  • Encouraging Appreciation Quotes for Hitting Milestones and Achieving Goals
  • Sincere Appreciation Quotes for Collaboration
  • Specific Appreciation Quotes for Teamwork
  • Heartfelt Appreciation Quotes for Dedication & Work Ethic
  • Thoughtful Appreciation Quotes for Workplace Attitude & Being Positive
  • Motivational Appreciation Quotes for Training & Mentoring
  • Inspiring Appreciation Quotes for Volunteering
  • Letter of Appreciation Examples
  • Casual Appreciation Letters
  • Coworker Appreciation Letters for Hard Work and Dedication
  • Appreciation Letters for Work Well Done
  • Appreciate Letters for Leadership Abilities
  • Letter of Appreciation for Good Work
  • Appreciate Your Employees for Covering for Someone Who Was on Leave or Sick
  • Appreciate a Colleague for Loyalty in Service
  • Appreciate Your Team for Creativity and Innovation
  • Appreciation Email for the New Hires.

So, if you're looking for just one message or would like to send weekly ones to new coworkers, we have a wide range of examples you can choose from.

Classic Appreciation Quotes for Your Peers

One of the most popular employee appreciation ideas is to make a habit of showing recognition to your peers. Every now and then, tell your peers one of the following quotes or similar:

1.    Great job! I’m so happy to work with you.

2.    Thank you for helping me with this project/task. I appreciate your support. You can count on me as well.

3.    You are an inspiration to us all. Keep doing what you do best. I’m sure you have an incredible journey in front of you.

Professional Appreciation Quotes for Your Manager

A team needs a loyal, confident, and supportive manager. But the manager also needs a boost of morale from time to time. Consider sending your manager an appreciation quote as well.

4.    The strength of this team stays in your leadership abilities. And you deserve all the recognition and praise. We are lucky to be part of your team. Let’s continue to do great things together.

5.    Your energy and dedication are inspiring. Thank you for providing a constant good example for your team and investing so much of yourself in this company.

6.    I appreciate your help and support during these last months. You are a great leader and person, and I have much to learn from you. My work experience is better thanks to you. Keep it up, and all the best!

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Friendly Appreciation Quotes for the Team

Whether you are a leader or a team member, you may want to send a few words to the entire team to increase engagement and motivation. You can say one of the following quotes:

7.    I must say how much you’ve impressed me lately with your hard work and dedication. I appreciate your creativity and engagement, but most of all, how well you work as a team. You take care of one another, and this makes all the difference.

8.    Congratulations on another well-done task! You are a fantastic team, and I am happy to be one of you. I genuinely don’t know what I would do without your support and good vibes. You make my day every day!

9.    Today I want to thank everyone for helping me get through this challenging project. You are amazing colleagues and friends. The past few months weren’t easy, but we achieved our goal due to our incredible collaboration. I’m proud to be part of this team.

Encouraging Appreciation Quotes for Hitting Milestones and Achieving Goals

Hitting milestones and achieving goals are good opportunities for analyzing your job satisfaction level. Therefore, they are perfect moments to send a few words and show your appreciation.

10.    Congratulations on hitting an important milestone in your career. We are so proud of you! You have a valuable contribution to this company and continue to exceed our expectations. Keep up the excellent work!

11.    We value you and your work more than ever. We were sure of your success, but your effort and the quality of your work are truly mind-blowing. You are a perfect employee, and we are happy to have you in our company.

12.    Thank you for your effort and dedication. This milestone is as important for us as it is to you, and we can’t miss the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation. You are a remarkable employee. We are sure an incredible professional journey lies ahead.

If you need some inspiration with performance goals examples for your employees, check this article, where we provide the examples you're looking for.

Sincere Appreciation Quotes for Collaboration

Employee retention isn’t the only one that should preoccupy you. Keeping collaborators happy and ensuring they want to work with you again is also part of the retention process. You should also focus on improving team collaboration and creating a positive work environment in your company.

13.    I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation for how well our collaboration went. I value your contribution and dedication and look forward to working with you again.

14.    It’s always good to meet people with whom you are on the same length wave. I sincerely loved working with you. Without your skills and expertise, we couldn’t have finished in time and with such good results. Thank you for helping us!

15.    You’ve earned our respect and gratitude. You are such a team player and fun to be around! Keep up the excellent work and continue to grow and progress.

Collaboration between employees is important for a variety of reasons. It can lead to increased productivity, better problem solving, and improved communication. Additionally, it can help build morale among workers and create a more positive working environment. Altrough collaboration is a solid area within your business, are our 7 key recommendations for boosting collaboration at work:

  • Communicate regularly with the coworkers
  • Facilitate team-building activities
  • Create a collaborative work environment
  • Support and track employee growth
  • Lead your team by example
  • Use collaboration tools to create bridges
  • Build a culture that encourages employee feedback and input

Specific Appreciation Quotes for Teamwork

From time to time, every team encounters a difficult task or hard period. As a manager, the importance of teamwork shouldn’t be ignored. Take time to acknowledge teamwork and show your gratitude.

16.    I am happy to be part of this team. James Cash Penney once said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” And we genuinely know how to work together. Thank you!

17.    The perfect employee is not the best person but the best team player. Thank you for being supportive, open, and considerate. You are a good influence and an example to us all.

18.    We are happy to have you on our team because you make us better people and colleagues. Your big heart and unique perspective make our work experience a positive one.

If you want to improve your team manager skills, we have some tips. Additionally, when you look words to inspire your workforce to be engaged in teamwork, we have a selection of 70+ teamwork quotes with famous sayings ranging from Isaac Newton, Martin Luther King Jr, Andrew Carnegie, Brian Tracy, and John Rockefeller. Check them out.

Heartfelt Appreciation Quotes for Dedication & Work Ethic

Performance means much more than productivity and skills. It implies dedication, work ethic, positive attitude, and good cooperation with your colleagues. By showing appreciation for dedication and work ethic, you encourage people to invest in personal growth and have a positive mindset.

19.    Your work ethic didn’t go unnoticed. You are an inspiration for self-management, dedication, and responsibility. We trust you completely and are sure you’ll achieve great things in the future. Well done!

20.    Thank you for putting in extra hours to complete this project in time. We appreciate your dedication and passion. Keep working like this!

21.    I’m grateful to have you as a dedicated colleague, as I can always rely on you to complete the hardest tasks. Your commitment and innovative ideas inspire us to work better and create amazing things.

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Thoughtful Appreciation Quotes for Workplace Attitude & Being Positive

You need positive people with a healthy mindset to boost employee morale and create a positive work environment. Therefore, you must encourage proper workplace attitudes and behaviors and reinforce healthy habits.

22.    Your positive attitude kept us going in the last few months. We are so grateful to have you with us. You inspire us to be braver and more connected and exemplify empathy and kindness. Thank you for everything!

23.    “I think the next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.”, said Frank A. Clark. You are the one that always finds the funny part of a problem and keeps us away from stress and sorrow. Forever grateful for the smiles and energy you bring to us.

24.    A good coworker has a positive attitude, a good work ethic, and a warm word for those in need, precisely like you. So, thank you for bringing your best self to our team and inspiring us to be better persons.

Motivational Appreciation Quotes for Training & Mentoring

Even trainers and mentors need a good word to keep them going. You can show appreciation at the end of a program or during it. It’s never too early to tell someone you value their contribution.

25.    Your advice and guidance are essential to me, and I couldn’t appreciate more what you do for me. Thank you for always being so patient and kind.

26.    The training I received from you is so useful! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for your effort and support.

27.    My first weeks here were better because of your attentive training and support. Your knowledge is impressive, but your pedagogical skills and expertise are even better. You do a fantastic mentoring job. Keep working your magic!

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Inspiring Appreciation Quotes for Volunteering

Volunteering doesn’t grow productivity directly, but it encourages employees to become better people, develop social skills, and improve their communication abilities. Show your appreciation for volunteering by sending an inspiring and motivational message.

28.    Volunteering for such a worthy cause calls for celebration. You are a good person, and we appreciate you being part of the team. Continue to inspire and motivate us to become better people and colleagues.

29.    I don’t know where you find volunteering time, but I appreciate your dedication. Thank you for taking care of our community!

30.    Well done! I am proud of you for going above and beyond for this humanitarian cause. Your effort makes a difference. We are lucky to have such a worthy person on our team.

Letter of Appreciation Examples

A letter of appreciation lets people know you value and respect their work. It may be an email, message, handwritten letter, or card. It may also be formal, casual, or somewhere between, based on your relationship with the receiver. Sending a letter of appreciation boost morale, strengthens the team, and reduces turnover.

31.    Dear [ Receiver Title and Name],

I take this opportunity to thank you for [reason of appreciation] and express my genuine gratitude for everything you do for the company. Your [skill that deserves appreciation] is an impressive example to us all. I want you to know how much we appreciate your effort and support. 

Best regards,

[Sender Title and Name]

32.    Dear [ Receiver Name],

On behalf of the [company/department/team], I want to thank you for all your [hard work/extra hours/reason of appreciation]. It’s been a hard time, and we couldn’t have done it without you. We are grateful to have you on our [company/department/team].

Thanks again for everything. I look forward to working with you on future projects. 

Best wishes,

[Sender Name]

33.    Dear [ Receiver Title and Name],

I want to thank you for your contribution to the last project personally. Watching you take the initiative and come up with breathtaking solutions was amazing. Your creativity, engagement, and passion inspire the entire team. 

Thank you, and keep up the excellent work!

[Sender Title and Name]

Casual Appreciation Letters

Your peers need appreciation just as much as your staff or bosses. Let them know your most genuine feelings about their work ethic, social skills, and personal traits. They’ll be happy to know you notice them and recognize their true value.

34.    Hello [Receiver Name],

I just wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement. During the last project, you were my inspiration. I saw how well you manage everything and find time to help others, and it really helped me finish my work on time. 

Thank you again for everything!

Best wishes,

[Sender Name]

35.    Hi [Receiver Name],

Let me say how amazing you are and how much I appreciate your work ethic. You are kind, genuine, and passionate. I watch how you interact with your peers, speak fiercely in front of large audiences, and express your thoughts concisely and straightforwardly. I admire your communication skills and have a lot to learn from you.

All my best and good luck,

[Sender Name]

36.    My dear [Receiver Name],

You are one of a kind, and I can’t thank you enough for taking me under your wing this week. I really needed someone to introduce me and make me feel part of the team. You were there for me step by step, encouraging me to speak my mind and gain confidence. I admire your sense of self, respectful attitude, and inner strengths. Don’t ever change!

All my love,

[Sender Name]

Coworker Appreciation Letters for Hard Work and Dedication

Hard work and dedication are the primary reasons employers send appreciation letters. Who wouldn’t want a hard-working employee? So don’t let any opportunity pass without sending your staff appreciation words. Mention the exact reason for expressing your gratitude, the impact made by their attitude, and your honest feedback.

37.    I want to thank you personally for your great effort and dedication. Your contribution didn’t go unnoticed. We are grateful to have you in our company.

38.    You are an inspiration to your colleagues and managers. I want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work and positive attitude. Keep up the excellent work!

39.    You provide excellent work, and it’s a pleasure to evaluate you. Thank you for your constant efforts and dedication. With employees like you, we are one step closer to becoming a successful company every day.

Appreciation Letters for Work Well Done

When finishing an important task or overcoming a stressful period, a few appreciation words would let people know you are aware of their effort and appreciate them for doing their best. It would also motivate people to engage next time a difficult task arrives.

40.    I want you to know how much I appreciate your effort and determination to finish this project on time. I know it wasn’t hard to work overtime and spend so much time away from your family. Nevertheless, your work ethic was exceptional. Well done!

41.    We need people like you more than ever during hard times. Not only that you do an incredible job, but you also help your colleague, lift their morale, and have kind words for everyone. We are grateful for your efforts.

42.    Well done, [Receiver Name]! I was sure you could do it. However, you again proved to me that we could count on you to deliver on time and high-quality work. Thank you very much, and keep up the excellent work!

Appreciate Letters for Leadership Abilities

It’s not easy to be a good leader. It’s even harder not to question your leadership abilities. So take some time to acknowledge leadership abilities and encourage employees in leadership positions. Offer your advice and support to help them grow and gain confidence in their abilities.

43.    Dear [Receiver Name],

I want to take this opportunity to let you know I watched carefully how you manage your new leadership position, and I am impressed with how easy you make it seem. People love to have you as their leader. You make wise decisions, listen to everyone’s opinion, and try to make the workplace trustworthy. Your door is always open. Keep up the excellent work!

If you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

[Sender Name]

44.    I would like to thank you for taking on the leadership position with such grace and modesty. In a short time, you reorganized the team and succeeded in making it more robust and efficient. I appreciate your communication and social skills that make you loved by everyone. Your next step should be improving your decision-making process and learning to be more decisive. I’m here if you need my advice.

45.    Well done! I’m impressed with your inborn leadership abilities. You grew so much in such a short time. I admire the way you manage your staff and let them blossom. You give everyone a voice and create a stronger and more determined team. I advise monitoring your stress levels, as leadership may take most of your energy.

Letter of Appreciation for Good Work

Good work means delivering high-quality products and services and improving the company’s image. It may be attending a conference, publishing a book, or getting a high score in customer reviews. Regardless of the nature of good work, a letter of appreciation motivates employees to continue at the same pace.

46.    Good job! I want to be the first to congratulate you for attending the seminar and presenting such an interesting paper. I appreciate your research very much.

47.    I want to thank you personally for doing your best to finish the task on time and deliver the product to our customers. They were impressed with the quality of your work.

48.    I really appreciate you finding the time to write and publish articles about our work. It improves the company’s image and shows our strength in the market.

Appreciate Your Employees for Covering for Someone Who Was on Leave or Sick

To create strong teams and improve teamwork, you must encourage employees to look after each other. They should have a common purpose: a job well done. When employees need some time off, their colleagues must step forward and cover for them. Words of appreciation in this direction let people know you acknowledge and appreciate their effort.

49.    Thank you for taking the initiative and volunteering to cover for your colleague, who is sick this week. Your effort and dedication mean a lot to me.

50.    I appreciate very much the way you manage to split the work of absent team members between the rest of the team and finish your tasks on time. Your team is lucky to have a leader like you.

51.    I would like to thank you for covering for me when I was on vacation. My customers told me how nice and professional you were. I appreciate you working so hard. Thank you!

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Appreciate a Colleague for Loyalty in Service

People appreciate their colleagues' kind words more than the management's praises. Show your respect and gratitude toward your colleagues who’ve been working with you for a long time. A heartfelt personal message will make them feel loved and valued.

52.    My dear [Receiver Name],

I am so happy to have been working with you for so long. I appreciate your wisdom, experience, support in hard times, and friendship. Congratulations on your work anniversary!

Best wishes,

[Sender Name] 

53.    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loyalty in service. Your contribution to this department has a big role in our success. I hope you’ll stay with us for many years.

54.    I am grateful for your loyalty in service, dedication, and hard work. You are an inspiration to me. More than that, you are a mentor. Thank you for everything you do for me.

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Appreciate Your Team for Creativity and Innovation

If you want to cultivate creativity and innovation, you need to show your appreciation for particular achievements related to them. You can start with significant achievements, such as presenting an innovative idea to the management or at an industry event. However, small achievements deserve recognition as well.

55.    Hi [Receiver Name],

You did so well at the [event name]! I’m so proud of you. I appreciate your work very much, and I’m happy you follow and develop your innovative ideas.

Best of luck,

[Sender Name]

56.    It’s fantastic to see your work. Your creativity helps us be one step in front of the competition. Thank you!

57.    I would like to let you know how much I appreciate working with such a creative person like you. You inspire me every day. Don’t ever change!

Appreciation Email for the New Hires

It’s intimidating to be the new kid on the block. Therefore, making the new hire feel comfortable involves recognizing their skills and showing your appreciation for them joining the team. Let them know they are valuable to the team and boost their confidence.

58.    Dear [Receiver Name],

We are happy to have you on our team. Your résumé is impressive. I’m sure we’ll get along very well and do an excellent job together.

Best wishes,

[Sender Name] 

59.    Thank you for choosing us! You are a great addition to our team, and I look forward to working with you. Welcome on board!

60.    I appreciate you signing with us. Your expertise and skills match our profile perfectly. I’m eager to see what the future brings.


When should I send employee appreciation messages?

You should send employee appreciation messages whenever your employees do something beyond your expectations, unexpectedly well, or exceed their job requirements. You can also show appreciation for personal qualities, growth, and social skills.

What is the format for a letter of appreciation?

A letter of appreciation may have the format of an email (with introductory and concluding phrases and a short message in between), a handwritten note (also with introductory and concluding words but with a longer explanatory text in between), or a quick and straightforward card (with just one or two sentences).

How to write an appreciation letter?

Regardless of its format, an appreciation letter should be personalized. You should consider your relationship with the receiver and adapt the letter's tone accordingly. Furthermore, it should be very clear from whom the letter is, its purpose, and your reasons for sending it. 

An appreciation letter needs to be sincere and heartfelt.  o explain your reasons well, detail the actions or skills that have impressed you, and acknowledge their impact on you or the company.  nthusiasm and thoughts for the future are also appreciated.

When does Employee Appreciation Day takes place?

Employee Appreciation Day is a day set aside by companies to express gratitude or appreciation to their staff members. It falls on the first Friday in March. 

In 2024, Employee appreciation day takes place on Fri, Mar 1, 2024
In 2025, Employee appreciation day takes place on Fri, Mar 7, 2025.

What are the tips for writing appreciation emails?

In a nutshell, the best tips for writing appreciation emails are the following:

  • Send the email at the right time
  • Personalize the appreciation message according to the motif of sending and your relationship with the receiver
  • Keep the email short
  • Be genuine
  • Address all important questions: what is the purpose of the email, what are the actions/skills that impressed you, what impact did the receiver’s actions/skills have on you, and what are you grateful for the most?
  • Include appropriate opening and ending phrases.


Employee appreciation doesn’t need a special occasion. Follow your intuition and send a heartfelt and inspiring message every time you want to show how much you value your colleagues and managers. You can keep track of important milestones using an HR app or plan to send an appreciation quote at the end of a project, task, or collaboration.

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