25 Online Business Ideas For 2024

The phenomenal growth of the internet, social media, and digital platforms has opened up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurial minds. This is not just about professionals working from home and earning a steady income comfortably. It's about the potential for financial independence and the freedom to live life on your terms. Imagine having complete control over your schedule, working remotely, and being your boss. That's the power and potential online businesses can offer.

Whether you're tired of the rush hour traffic in big cities or crave the opportunities they offer while living in the countryside, working online is the perfect solution. It's about getting products delivered to your door and accessing services without leaving your home. It's about enjoying the comfort and convenience of working from your favorite spot. All these translate into an unprecedented market increase for online businesses, making your life easier and more stress-free.

Don't just settle for any online business idea. Get inspired and create the best one that suits your expertise and lifestyle. Here are 25 ideas to spark your creativity and get you started on your journey to online business success.

Online Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


1.      eCommerce Retailer or Shopper

Most eCommerce sellers don’t sell their products but others. They are online stores that offer a thoughtfully curated range of products. For example, you may become the local distributor of a major brand or sell products that target a particular type of customer or lifestyle. The secret is to create a story that represents you and your values. If you love outdoor activities, sell sports equipment. If you are a zero-waste advocate, offer a selection of zero-waste products. Build a community around your online store by using social media and blogs.

Start an online shopping business if you are better at buying than selling. The customer tells you what products they need, where they want them delivered, and a budget, and you take care of finding the best match in different stores, ordering, and returning if necessary. Also a good idea would be investigating the steps for starting an e-commerce shop on Shopify or WooCommerce.

To see what a small business with one good idea and less than 10 employees can do, check out Coconut Merchant. They sell coconut-based products with a focus on ethics, supporting farmers, and producing the smallest possible environmental impact.


2.      SEO and Digital Market Consultant

Due to the explosive impact of e-commerce and having an online presence to raise awareness of brands, products, and services, there is a growing need for SEO. This is why digital marketing consulting has skyrocketed in the last few years. To succeed, businesses need a marketing strategy tailored to their unique needs. If you and your team are digital marketing experts, you have the power to make a significant impact from anywhere. You can meet your clients, analyze their websites, and deliver your strategies online. The key is to stay informed, plan strategically, and have the courage to change the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Use kiosk apps to track your team’s attendance and collaborative tools to improve teamwork and communication.


3.      Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer promotes products and services offered by someone else. You get paid when customers you refer make a purchase. To recommend products and services, you need a high-traffic blog, newsletter (Think about Lenny's Newsletter with close to 0,7M subscribers interested in product management), a niche podcast (like Acquired with 0.6M for those interested in technology), or a social media channel where you can publish your content and links to products and services such as reviews (Probably you know by now Marques Brownlee with 19M subscribers). Like eCommerce businesses, affiliate marketing businesses require a niche, theme, or narrative. You can’t recommend products you didn’t try or know nothing about.

For example, if you are a make-up artist, you can recommend make-up products and write about or demonstrate how to use them. Affiliate marketing businesses work when you invest passion, time, and knowledge. It also helps to have SEO and digital marketing skills.


4.      App Developer

An online software business is a good idea if you run a team of app developers working from the comfort of their homes or hubs worldwide. You can sell apps online via the App Store and Google Play. Software businesses can easily be managed online even when your team grows. People are more than willing to use time-tracking apps, collaborative tools, chats, and online meetings.

You can also work as a web developer independently instead of being employed by a company. Browse freelancer platforms for companies needing business apps or developing brand-new ideas.


5.      Online Course Instructor or Teacher

Organizing online classes is as good as in-person classes. From cooking and photography courses to coaching to tutoring children, everything works online nowadays. If you don’t have a degree that allows you to teach, get one and then start preparing materials, schedules, and a website. You will also need a subscription to online meeting apps like Zoom. But you can start with free ones like Google Meet and grow from there.

Advertise your new business to eligible clients, showcase portfolios and reviews, and build a solid online presence.

For instance, in 2021, Ali Abdaal, a popular YouTuber and online educator, generated approximately $ 716,691 in revenues from his Skillshare courses and referrals. This demonstrates the potential profitability of becoming an online course instructor or teacher.


6.      Subscription Box Curator

A subscription box business model with a curated box of goodies shipped regularly and recurring is a common theme. It may include gourmet products for Christmas to offer as a gift to an important client or a coffee selection for a passionate. Subscription boxes are often presented as gifts on a particular occasion (e.g., birthday, holiday, celebration, etc.), but they also work as a gift to oneself. Be creative and thoughtful and include high-quality products that match the theme. 

Start with a few themes and see how they sell. Ask your customers for feedback and ideas. Also, explore the area of regular subscription boxes, such as cosmetics, home products, coffee/tea, and even bread.

If you’re interested in Christmas gifts for your employees. We share 40 examples that you can’t fail with.

For instance, RawSpiceBarfocuses on spice blends packaged by hand in small batches. Instead of stocking up and then throwing expired spices away, you can subscribe to have a spice box delivered to your door regularly. They also do gift boxes, ideal as a company gift.


7.      Handmade Products Creator

If you love creating handmade products, whether jewelry, toys, décor items, cosmetics, or food items, this is your online business idea. You can start by using Etsy or local websites for arts and crafts. Once your business takes over, invest in your website, where you can add blogs and videos.

Handmade products will always sell because they are packed with stories and atmosphere. Pay attention to photographs and videos because online buyers don’t have the same experience as in-person buyers. Images should accurately reflect the features and colors of your products.


8.      Blogger

Blogs aren’t a new online business idea, but they are good if you are passionate about a topic, like to write and know a thing or two about SEO. Blogs focus on a theme, including anything from news and short stories to technology. They provide content that attracts and engages the readers. To transform a blog into a business idea, you can try one of the following:

  • Provide subscription-based content
  • Try affiliate marketing
  • Find sponsors and/or collect donations
  • Publish advertisement.

Peter Bredahl Dam is a Danish nature photographer who uses his blog and more recently his YouTube channel to create a community of equally passionate photographers eager to learn. His blog provides free content, and the photographer focuses on other income-generating methods (e.g., paid courses, affiliate marketing, etc.).


9.      Copywriter

A copywriter is a person who writes about products, services, or brands for marketing. It may be a direct advertisement or something more subtle like brand descriptions, stories, blog posts, how-to tutorials, etc. Copywriting agencies aren’t new businesses, but managing everything online is. You can use a freelancer platform, such as working on your own or pitching your portfolio to big companies.

Focus on topics that fit your expertise. For example, the members of your team who worked for the pharmaceutical industry or have a background in chemistry can tackle this theme. In contrast, others can focus on fashion, cosmetics, and food. Create a broad portfolio, but do not compromise on quality.


10.      YouTuber

Many dream of becoming filmmakers and earning money from YouTube videos. It’s about transforming your passion into a job, and not much can be more rewarding than this. To become a YouTuber, you need video and photo equipment, a paid YouTube subscription, and, of course, a topic with the potential to go viral. Video and audio quality matters, as do your filmmaking skills. Even with a catchy subject, you still need to produce high-quality videos.

Read carefully YouTube’s terms and conditions and follow all the rules. If you share videos of people, ensure you have their permission in writing.


11.      e-book Author

Like filmmakers, many people dream of becoming published authors. However, signing a contract with a publishing house takes work. But you can become an e-book author and move your business online. E-books may be fiction or non-fiction books covering any subject, from poetry to smoothie recipes. Publishing costs you nothing if you use apps such as Google Books and Apple Books. But you can also take your e-books to online libraries and sign a deal.

Proofread your text and edit it carefully. Without the help of a publishing house, you must deal with book cover, design, and editing by yourself. Remember that you are facing a high-failure rate at the beginning. For example the Harry Potter script was rejected by about twelve major publishers.


12.      Virtual Assistant

A VA or virtual assistant helps another person or company deal with emails, documents, social media, press, and even daily schedules. You offer the same services as an office assistant but are much more versatile and adaptable. For example, you may assist with content creation, write press releases, schedule meetings, and oversee events.

Your team may focus on a particular industry or company model, assist politicians and public figures, or excel at organizing events. Offer multiple hiring options, such as for a limited time, an event, or a particular team or person. Take advantage of all online tools for time and document management.


13.      Dropshipping Business Owner

A dropping business is an intermediary between clients and shops. You get and process orders without dealing with inventory and shipping. Instead, you pass the order to a retailer. The advantage of a dropshipping business over a regular e-commerce one is the limited risk. You don’t have to manage a warehouse or stock up on pricy products you might not sell. Furthermore, you can work with multiple retailers, change your offering when something isn’t selling, and put all your energy into an excellent online presence.

Run digital marketing campaigns and promotions that attract new customers. At the same time, curate your offering and try to provide the best shopping experience to your customers.

To start in this field, we recommend learning about Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).


14.      Web Designer

A small web design business can take on larger projects than individuals. Furthermore, you can build the trust of your customers, gather feedback and reviews, and put together a portfolio. It’s also the ultimate idea for an online business. Showcasing your work online adds to your credibility.

Your team may want to use collaborative design tools that allow illustrators, web developers, and content creators to work simultaneously on the same project. Empower employees with online HR apps for transparent leave management and team calendars to create a trustworthy work environment.

Studio 77 is a small web design and branding studio in London, UK. The owner is also the creative director, and her purpose is to deliver showstopping websites that make the clients feel good about their businesses. With a mindful approach, Studio 77 puts passion into everything they create.


15.      Graphic Designer

If you are a graphic designer, you have plenty of online options. You can freelance and work from the comfort of your home on your chosen projects. You can also establish a small online business by bringing together a few people with common interests. In time, your graphic design studio may grow and require an office, but starting online helps a lot. It allows you to build a client database, showcase previous projects, and assemble a strong portfolio.

An online graphic design studio like Beni Pop Studio denotes management skills and a business-orientated attitude. Your first project will be creating a brand identity for your new business.

And if you’re talented at making digital illustrations, you might charge more than $1000 per each of your works. Take, for example, the stellar work of Madalina Andronic.

Postcard Viscri Madalina Andronic Verde de Viscri


16.      Wellness Coach

Wellness is another industry that took over the internet in the last few years. If you are an expert in dieting, fitness, yoga, or wellness, an online business will transform you into an entrepreneur in no time. Create video tutorials, subscription-based programs, e-books, and personalized coaching sessions for your clients.

It helps to have in-person meetings with your clients and build a community rather than working one-on-one. Consider organizing group sessions, weekend events, and live webinars. Attend industry-related events and promote your business.

A good example is Vedic Lab, an online small Swiss business that delivers Ayurvedic-based products and guidelines. They offer advice via a subscription-based app, and their skincare and haircare products can be bought online via their website or app. Although they have a small team, they are already endorsed by Vogue.


17.      Audiobook Narrator or Voiceover

Actors and TV journalists often work as audiobook narrators and voiceovers on the side. Why not transform this part-time job into a business? You can create a team of enthusiastic people and take on exciting projects with some networking. You’ll need an initial investment to buy professional recording equipment and soundproof cabins, but you won’t have to pay rent to offices and studios.

Focus on your team’s strengths and ensure you cover various voices and language skills.


18.      Podcaster

Podcasts are the online equivalent of radio shows. Instead of writing blogs or filming videos, one records thoughts, interviews, and discussions on a particular topic. Podcasts support commercials, which produce income. They are also suitable for subscriptions or pay-to-listen. You can use a podcast to promote products or services, coach, counsel, or teach courses.

Consider creating mixed content. For example, you may make a podcast to discuss topics you addressed in an e-book or blog post. You can also transform YouTube videos into podcasts.

Mel Robbins has a law degree but became a New York Times bestseller by self-publishing her self-help book in audio format. The popularity grew even more once she started her podcast. Even though she works from her home in Southern Vermont employing a small group of family and friends, millions of people listen to her podcasts and follow her website and social media.

Podcasters can make anything from $700 to $13,000 monthly—or even a few million—depending on download volume and selected revenue sources. For example, a podcaster might make between $500 and $900 monthly if their episodes average 10,000 downloads each.


19.      Social Media Consultant

All online businesses require an online presence, which means having a website and a few social media channels. So, you won’t lack customers as a social media consultant. Consider establishing a social media consultancy business if you are an expert on social media and have the resumé to prove it. It’s important to have good results and positive reviews. Ask your customers for recommendations and showcase statistics and performance optimizations to prove your dedication and professionalism.


20.      Writing and Translations

Working online is your second nature if you work as a technical writer, creative writer, or translator. But instead of working on your own as a freelancer, establish a small online business with a few employees. You’ll be able to cover a larger volume of work, deliver faster, and tackle a broader range of topics. Furthermore, team members can cover each other when on leave, which provides a continuous income for your business.

Improve your work using the right tools, such as Grammarly, plagiarism checkers, automatic spellers, and grammar checkers. Since significant communication will be done online, don’t forget to be professional and write formally.


21.      Transcription Services

The excellent news about transcription services is that you can work as much as you want and from anywhere worldwide. The easiest way is to choose to transcript in your native language. A transcription services business is often run on the side of a full-time job. Gather a small team and increase your cash flow by working evenings or weekends.

Use collaborative tools to facilitate collaborate on documents and larger projects, such as translating a book, to meet deadlines. Consider subscribing to Google Drive, One Drive, Box or other cloud-based storage solutions. And don’t forget to market your services and let your prospective customers in markets you’ve never tapped into know that you exist. Take our example: We’ve worked with an Argentinian company for the Spanish translation of our app.


22.      Fashion Designer

Fashion designers can establish a small online business and sell their creations without dealing with retailers and shops. You can use dedicated platforms like Etsy or work with a local drop-off business owner. Also, you may sew on demand and employ a few people to help you with orders and suppliers.

Use channels like Instagram or Pinterest to create an online presence and promote your business. Get inspired by Lirika Matoshi. You may also attend industry-related events (e.g., fairs) to showcase your designs. Focus on digital marketing campaigns and work with artists, bloggers, and influencers.


23.      Gardening Services

Gardening services take place at the client's location. You only need a website with booking and payment options and a gallery to showcase your work. Consider adding a gardening blog with tips for passionate gardeners to build your audience and promote your services. You may also use the blog post for affiliate marketing and advertisement.

Providing gardening services is a good idea for local businesses aiming to support their communities. You can have full-time employees, seasonal employees, and project-based collaborators (e.g., a landscape designer).


24.      Prints and Stock Photos Seller

Selling prints and stock photos requires an online platform for showcasing high-quality images. It also requires connecting with a good printing studio and professional photographers looking to sell their photos. Selling prints and stock photos is an excellent online business idea for people passionate about photography and art. And if you’re thinking about revenues, look at Steve Heap’s transparency on his income from stock photography websites.

Consider working with young photographers and artists. You may prefer selling many products at a low price or selling few products (e.g., limited editions) at a high price. Define your target audience beforehand. Focusing only on a particular photographic genre (e.g., black and white) may also strengthen your new business. If you want to specialize in digital creation, specializing yourself in novel tools like MidJourney could pay big time. 


25.      Food Business Owner

Selling food online is a business with many variations. You can sell take-away food and deliver it to your clients while it's hot. You may also sell gourmet ingredients, bakery products, boxes with ingredients and recipes, smoothies, locally sourced fresh fruits, and vegetables, and more.

Choose the niche you are good at because you will need the edge. The food industry is vast, so you must develop something new, catchy, and thoughtful. High-quality ingredients, environmentally friendly processes (e.g., zero-waste recipes, electric car delivery, etc.), and support for the local community are just a few things to consider.



What is an online business?

An online business is a business that reaches its customers via the Internet. It doesn’t have offices or shops where people can come to buy products and services. The order is made online via a website, platform, or app. Often, the payment is also made online. Physical products will be shipped, while digital ones will be accessible to the customer instantly (think about a stock video).

What are the benefits of an online business?

An online business can quickly address an international audience. The initial investment is smaller than for a traditional company, and employees can work remotely. As a result, freelancers and small teams prefer online businesses. Furthermore, an online business is more suitable for digital marketing and social media promotion.

How do you start an online business?

To justify your income, you must list your company or register as a freelancer in your country of residence. Other legal forms may be available for authors and teachers. Like a traditional business, an online business requires paying taxes. Furthermore, if you have employees, you must comply with labor legislation in your country.

From a technical point of view, to start an online business, you must have a website with a payment method or join an e-commerce platform.

What are the most popular online business ideas?

The most popular online business ideas are those with limited resource requirements. They are businesses with a minimum initial investment, such as blogs, YouTube channels, dropshipping, consulting services, affiliate marketing, and content creation services (e.g., app developers, web and graphic designers, writers, etc.). Popular online businesses can be conducted from your home and don’t require warehouses, factories, or logistics.

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