Staff Holiday Planner

A staff holiday planner is required for having an accurate leave balance, easy to check and update. Define a template for your company by following our simple instructions or, if you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our staff holiday planner template.

A staff holiday planner should include all types of leave available in your company. Some of them are imposed by labor regulations in your country, such as sick and maternity leave, public holidays, and a minimum paid time-off. Others are granted by the company, such as leave for personal or family problems, leave for training or courses, and extra paid-time-off as a reward for loyalty with the company.

Create an Excel holiday planner that covers all employees and automatically calculates the leave balances. It's easier to update than a paper planner and less prone to errors. List employees' names and all the leave types available in your company; thus, you can edit the entire planner in just a few clicks. It's also better to create a planner for the whole year and highlight weekends and public holidays. Check the balance every time an employee requests paid time-off to make sure one doesn't take more leave than is entitled to take.

If you want a paperless office and well-organized records of your employees, we recommend you to consider LeaveBoard. The employee self-service empowers the employees to access their leave balance and makes leave requests easy to submit and approve. Managers will receive instant notifications. Sounds good? That's more! LeaveBoard is entirely free for businesses with less than nine employees.

With this Excel template you can:

  • Track absences of your employees. If you want to track Sick leave, add an S into the cell for the specific day, when the employee is sick, or V when he or she is in holidays.
  • Track multiple Leave types. In the legend you will discover a set of leaves that you can register: V- Vacation, H-Holiday, S-Sickness, M-Maternity, C-Casual, O-Other
  • Gain access to yearly leave reports. The first tab contains a report with the total breakdown for all types of absences tracked, and a general leave count.

What are you waiting for? Please register for an account and boost your team's efficiency and performance with our web-based HR app and staff holiday planner.

Download the Staff Holiday Planner Excel Template 2022 for Free


Staff holiday planner 2021, check the link below:

Staff Holiday Planner Excel Template 2021

Switch to a Holiday Holiday Planner Software

LeaveBoard is providing free holiday tracking software that helps you track work time and employee absences. See who was present, when they are sick or in vacations from any device.

Holiday Management Software

And if you want even more details on how the software works, we have a presentation and a walkthrough of each functionality of the staff holiday planner software. Check it out:

Automate your employee information management with the easy to use holiday planner software.

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