Remote Work Policy Template

A remote work policy outlines the regulations applied to remote workers. The document includes all the necessary details, from who is eligible to work remotely to apply and a sample of the authorization form for remote work.

The key points of a remote work policy

The remote work policy is the basis of managing remote workers. It has to include all relevant information both for employees and the company. Also, it has to be compliant with labor regulations and act as a legal document. The remote work policy directly impacts employees' work satisfaction and responsibility, task planning, and communication. Here are the key points that should be in your company's remote work policy:

1. Eligibility criteria for employees wanting to work remotely

Include here straightforward metrics such as position, job description, years of experience, department, work schedule, and so on.

2. General rules for remote workers

Include here a comprehensive set of procedures covering communication and collaboration within teams and between employee and manager; meeting schedules; working hours; work expectations and delivers; communication tools; confidentiality regulations.

3. Benefits associated with remote work

Mention whether the company pays for electricity and internet bills, home office furniture, or other spending associated with remote work.

4. Corrective measures and warnings for the remote workforce

Make clear from the beginning what actions will be taken if an employee doesn't respect the rules stated by the remote work policy.

5. Career management

Remote workers should be eligible for promotion, training, and periodical evaluation just like any other employee. Ensure you provide adequate evaluation methods, access to work-related documents, employee self-service for leave management, etc. HR processes should be accessible to the remote workforce.

Remote Work Policy Template

If you don't want to spend your time writing documents from scratch, download our free remote work policy template and customize it according to your company's regulations.

Sample of an authorization form for remote work

Ensure employees read, understand, and agree with the company's remote work policy before submitting the form for remote work authorization. Also, make eligibility criteria very clear to everyone and assist ineligible employees in applying for flexible or customized work schedules. Download our free authorization form template for remote work and move your company to the next level. Flexibility, digital skills, and mobility are essential for the future work environment.

If you are looking for a flexible working arrangements email template, we have an example ready for you.

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