Flexible working arrangements example email template

Sometimes, employees need a personalized work schedule to accommodate personal and family issues. In most companies, employees can request flexible working arrangements by emailing their manager. You can help them by providing a flexible working arrangements request template. Write a dedicated email template for your company by following our simple instructions or, if you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download our template for free.

Flexible working arrangements are something most employees require at some point. There are multiple reasons for this, from child care to illness, inability to commute in some hourly intervals, and others. As long as flexible working arrangements don't affect the employee's productivity and can be accommodated by the team, the managers usually approve them. They have a large impact on employee's work satisfaction, loyalty towards the company, and overall well-being.

The flexible working arrangements request email should include important information such as the reason for requesting a flexible work schedule, how this change would impact the team and task planning, the starting date of the new work schedule, and all details concerning the new schedule. Check out the following steps to write a flexible working arrangements request email:

  1. Email subject - The email should have a relevant subject such as "Request for flexible working arrangements" to allow the manager to prioritize his/her mail and be responsive.
  2. The reason for the request - A flexible working arrangements request email should include a short description of the request. In the description, the employee should mention details about the request, such as the reason for which she/he requests flexible working arrangements (e.g., illness, impossibility to get to work, personal and family issues, COVID quarantine, etc.).
  3. The conditions of the flexible working arrangements  - The employee has to mention how the new work schedule will look like (e.g., working days, working hours, work from home). Also, the manager will want to know how this change will impact the team and task planning. Advice the employee to consider all aspects of this change and assure the manager his/her productivity won't be affected.
  4. End formulas - The employee should end a flexible working arrangements request email with the willingness to discuss any possible issues, provide relevant documents that support his/her request, and answer any concerns the manager might have.

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Subject line: Request for flexible working arrangements

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to request to work a flexible work arrangement starting with [date]. Due to [child care],[personal reasons]/[illness]/[family problems]/[inability to come to the office] I am forced to [vary my starting and finishing times]/[reduce working hours]/[change working days]/[alternate work from home with work from the office].

My current work schedule is from [Monday] to [Friday], from [9 AM] to [5 PM]. I would like to change it from [Monday] to [Thursday], from [8 AM] to [6 PM].

This change in my working pattern [will] / [will not] affect my colleagues. I’m ready to work with my team to accommodate any impact they may receive due to my change of schedule. 

This change in my working pattern [will] / [will not] affect task planning. I’m ready to work with my team to manage any possible delays in the assigned tasks.

I’m willing to discuss any other possible alternatives that work for both of us. As soon as the reasons behind my request are no longer active, I’ll return to my regular schedule.

Thank you for considering this request. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

[Your name]

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