Paid time-off tracking

Paid time off (PTO) represents the agreed number of days an employee can skip work. It’s based on labor legislation and the company’s policy and includes (but it’s not limited to) vacation days, public holidays, maternity leave, sick days, and personal events. Other possible situations of PTO are training and courses, days related to the company’s culture (e.g. Engineer's Day), and teambuilding.

If you want to manage all these situations using a single document for all employees (and you should), download this free Excel PTO Tracker right now.

New: 2024 PTO Tracker Template Available

Download the PTO tracking spreadsheet template

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Free Excel PTO Tracker Features

Our PTO Tracker is a time-saving and easy to use Excel spreadsheet. Personalize it according to your company’s PTO policy and add important data such as the company’s name and employee identification data, public holidays in your region, company-related holidays, and PTO types.

Here’re the most important features of our free PTO tracking solution:

  • Covers vacations, public holidays, maternity and sick leave, and other types of PTO
  • Compact calendar for 2024 with US holidays
  • Changeable calendar so you can reuse the PTO Tracker template next year
  • Customizable public holidays
  • Customizable PTO types
  • Automatic computations for each PTO type
  • Easy to add employees and visualize their situations.

How to use our free PTO Tracker?

An Excel-based PTO Tracker needs to be light and easy to use. As a result, we avoid adding unnecessary information and deliver a neat solution that saves you time and energy. Check out the following steps to configure your PTO Tracker and start using it.

  1. Download the free PTO Tracker and rename it to match your organization’s standards.
  2. Go to Holidays worksheet and introduce your region’s public holidays and your company’s special holidays.
  3. Also in the Holidays worksheet, introduce the calendar for the current year.
  4. Go to Legend worksheet and define your PTO types.
  5. Return to the Calendar worksheet and add your employees and a brand new calendar for each of them.
  6. The calendar uses the formula “IF(COUNTIF(Holidays!$A$5:$A$15, Holidays!H7)>0, "H", Holidays!H7)” to automatically add the holidays from Holidays worksheet to each employee’s calendar.
  7. Use your custom legend to update the 2024 calendar for each employee.

What are the public holidays?

What are the absence types?

How does an employee report looks?

That’s it! You’re ready to manage vacations and special leaves for all employees.

Tip: If you work with employees from different countries or with different PTO policies, just add all holidays and PTO types in the Holidays and Legend worksheets.

Download the PTO tracking spreadsheet template


How to add one more employee to the sheet?

To add one more employee calendar to the sheet will not work just by copy-pasting employee number 10 and its PTO calendar. You will get a 0 on all the days of each month because the formula references will be changed. You need to follow these steps to get the formulas for the newly added employees correctly:

  1. Select the calendar of an existing employee 10 and replace = with #. We use the Excel function Edit > Find > Replace and replace all (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl H). You will see the difference in the function that it will not start with = but with #.

  2. Copy the Employee number 10 and paste it below, then rename it as Employee 11.

  3. Replace from # with = using the Excel function Edit > Find > Replace and replace all (Keyboard shortcut Ctrl H).

Tip: You might be interested about Excel formulas. We do have a selection with the top 100 most used across 5 major categories.

Now you have a sheet with 11 employees. The procedure is needed to copy the newly added employee with formulas for PTO calculation without changing the references. In this way, you can add as many employees as you need.

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