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Regardless of the employee count, adopting a smart, simple, and intuitive PTO tracker software, such as LeaveBoard, allows you to simplify the entire process and manage employees' leaves and vacations with minimum effort.

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PTO tracking software

Employee PTO Tracker Software Highlights:

  • Employee self-service portals
  • Time off management
  • Employee directory and records
  • HR analytics and reports
  • Free HR software (9 users/max)
  • Rules and processes automation
  • Google and Outlook calendar integration
  • Custom leave policies

Streamline HR in your business with an employee PTO Tracker and
increase labor efficiency

Reduce labor costs

Cut costs using a system that allows staff to be productive: send holiday requests, check who is off, and visualize their leave balances.

Save precious time

Once you say goodbye to manual and inefficient processes, keeping up to date with what is happening in the business while running your admin smoothly will be effortless.

Improve compliance

The cloud-based employee dashboard provides an intuitive user experience that is easy to navigate, secure, and accessible from wherever they are, at any time, and using any browser.

PTO Tracking App

For Employees

Employee PTO request form

The Paid Time Off tracking software has a wide set of functionalities, to solve your needs easy and effienctly. Let's find them out.

PTO requests

With the PTO Tracking software, you're streamlining all the tasks associated with planning, booking, recording, tracking, calculating, validating leave policies, and facilitating the communication between the employees and managers.

PTO Calculator

The booking system features a PTO calculator that tells the employee how many days are requested by excluding weekends and public holidays. The calculator takes into consideration the available PTO balance for each employee.

PTO Balance

The novel PTO solution simplifies multiple HR processes. With self-serve HR portals, each of your employees will have access to the paid time off balance and the other types of leaves of absence. As an HR manager, you will not have to answer how many PTO days employees A or B has still available.

Let employees succeed,
Using the PTO Calendar

Through the employee portal software, your employees can manage their absences and consult the vacation days they have left. Once they have requested an absence, the employee responsible will receive a notice to review it since your employees cannot approve their absences.

Leave and HR Reporting Software

PTO Calendar

PTO Calendar

For Managers

Gain visibility and control

Visualize leaves of absence and gain valuable insights into your business. LeaveBoard supplies access to leave calendars to run your business efficiently, so your managers can make informed decisions and ensure continuity.

Using the PTO Tracking Software

Approve Time Off

Approve Time Off Confidently

The employees need to know how much available PTO they have, and managers need information about their team.

These processes require time and result in delays, poor decision-making, or vacation policies that are not respected.

Spend less time on admin tasks and focus on delivering value to the business.

Better decisions
Starting today

1 Access valuable PTO software

2 Receive email notifications

3 Find out who is off this week

4 Review your PTO history

The shared team PTO and Sick leave calendar helps to plan work more effectively at work

For HR Leaders and CEO

Real-time HR data

The dynamic reports automatically track PTO, vacation, sick, or other leaves. Make this report as exhaustive as you want. You can filter the results by team or location and gain instant results. Such insights help to spot people trends and identify absenteeism.

Leave and HR Reporting Software

Monthly PTO tracking report

Cloud-based PTO Software

The system is hosted in cloud-based infrastructure allowing your workforce to access it using any device. No more manual updates, spreadsheets updated, or errors caused by wrong formulas.

PTO Policy

With the PTO tracking software, you can set up many time-off types and their policies. You can set up the default number of days, mandatory fields and enforce specific rules such as not allowing negative balance or the minimum days each employee must submit in advance every request.

Setting the Time Off Rules, Processes and Automations

Get a glimpse of how the PTO Tracker works

In this short interactive video, you will discover the key functionalities that will boost productivity in your business: the PTO request form, the PTO calendar, the balance of time off, plus the approval of PTO requests.


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Frequently asked questions:

Why is a PTO tracker important?

A PTO (Paid Time Off) tracker is crucial for effective workforce management and employee well-being. It allows organizations to accurately track and manage employee time off, including vacation days, sick leave, personal days, and other forms of paid time off. A PTO tracker helps ensure compliance with labor laws, maintain staffing levels, prevent scheduling conflicts, and promote transparency and fairness in time-off policies.

What is a PTO tracking software?

A PTO tracking software is a system created to automate the process of tracking and managing employee time off. It replaces manual or paper-based methods with an intuitive and centralized platform, such as spreadsheets or calendars. PTO tracking software provides features like employee self-service, automated accrual calculations, streamlined messaging, request approvals, reporting, and integration with other HR systems.

Why use a PTO tracking software?

Using PTO tracking software offers several benefits for both employees and the organization. It eliminates manual errors and administrative burdens associated with manual tracking methods. It provides employees with self-service functionality to view their available PTO balances, submit leave requests, and track their time off. For HR and managers, it streamlines the approval process, ensures accurate record-keeping, and enables better workforce planning and scheduling.

What is an efficient way to handle employee PTO tracking?

An efficient way to handle employee PTO tracking is by implementing a robust PTO tracking software such as LeaveBoard. This software automates the entire process, allowing employees to submit leave requests online, managers to approve or deny requests electronically, and HR to track and manage PTO balances and accruals accurately. It provides real-time visibility into employee time off, reduces errors, enhances compliance, and saves valuable time for employees, managers, accountants, executives, and HR professionals.

What do PTO days mean?

PTO days refer to the specific number of days or hours an employee is entitled to take off from work with pay for various reasons, such as vacation, personal time, or illness. The employer typically grants PTO days as part of an employee benefits package and may vary based on factors like years of service, job level, or company policies. With LeaveBoard, you can access the balance of available PTO days, used and remaining at any time, personalized for each employee.

What should you consider before choosing the best Paid Time Off System?

When selecting the best Paid Time Off system for your organization, consider the following factors:

  • Ease of use and user experience for employees and managers
  • Customization options to align with your organization's policies and rules
  • Integration capabilities 
  • Accurate PTO accrual calculations and tracking
  • Reporting and analytics features for data-driven insights
  • Vendor reputation, customer support, and data security measures.

Why is it important to track employee time off?

Tracking employee time off is essential for several reasons:

  • Compliance: Ensuring adherence to labor laws, company policies, and collective bargaining agreements regarding time off entitlements.
  • Resource Planning: Managing staffing levels and ensuring adequate coverage during employee absences.
  • Transparency and Fairness: Maintaining fairness and transparency in granting and approving time off requests.
  • Accurate Compensation: Ensuring accurate payment for accrued and unused PTO when an employee contract is terminated with the organization.
  • Data Analysis: Gathering insights on employee absenteeism patterns, identifying trends, and making informed decisions regarding time-off policies and resource allocation.

What Does Paid Time Off mean?

Paid Time Off (PTO) is a benefit offered by many companies allowing employees to take off for a specific number of days and still receive compensation. PTO includes absences related to vacation, illness, or personal circumstances.

The Paid Time Off policy gives the employees access to a pool of hours, which can be used later as per their requirements. This time-off accrues in proportion to the duration for which the employee has worked within the organization. This policy can vary according to various legislation.

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