Termination checklist

You can create your termination checklist form by listing all relevant things an employee has to do before the last day of work in the company. If you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our termination checklist form template.

Each company has its policy referring to the termination process of an employee. Based on the company’s profile and employee’s activity, the employee can be requested to return the company car, safety equipment, computers and phones, access cards, and other items used during the employment. In some cases, the employee must sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements or give up intellectual property rights for papers and concepts developed while working for the company.

The termination checklist form makes sure the employee does all the steps required by the company’s policy at the end of his or her activity. It also includes information referring to payments as the Accounting and HR departments have to check the financial situation of the employee, time-off balance, and other financial aspects. Don’t forget to include the employee’s data, the name of the person in charge of the termination checklist, and the date of the last day of work. Also, you might be interested in running an employee exit interview, to determine the departing reasons of the employee.

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