Exit Interview Form

Create your exit interview form to determine why your employees are leaving and if they're satisfied with the company's policy and work conditions. If you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our exit interview form template.

An exit interview form is a simple form that gathers feedback from an employee leaving the company. It's usually filled in the last days of employment and should be as honest and straightforward as possible.

An exit interview form shouldn't be too long, even though there are many things you'll want to know. However, you don't want to annoy the employee and make him/her lose interest in the form. Limit the exit interview to relevant information such as the reason for leaving, scores for different work-related aspects, and feedback.

You can ask for scores for salary and benefits, leave policy, management, communication within the company, and general job satisfaction. It's also useful to know if the employee considers working for the company in the future and if it could have changed his/her decision.

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