Employee Time-Off (Vacation or PTO) Request Form

Using a well-structured Word template as a PTO request form makes things easy for employees, managers, and the HR Department.

The form has to include the following information:

  • Employee’s name and department
  • How many leave days the employee requires?
  • The period of the leave
  • Leave type
  • Employee signature
  • The data of request
  • Manager’s approval/denial and the data of their response

For some leave types such as family reasons, personal situations, or time off without pay, the manager may need a reason. It’s better to include space for adding a reason in the form than keeping the request waiting until further information is delivered.

Using this Word template as a PTO request form you have all the necessary data to fill your employee time off tracking spreadsheet and have the employee’s updated situation in seconds.

Download the Vacation and Sick Leave Excel Template

Automate your leave request with the easy to use online HR software.

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