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Running a business with LeaveBoard is vital for nowadays managers. We assure you leave management will not be a burden anymore, all essential workforce data will be safely kept in one place and you will enjoy our reporting tools. LeaveBoard aligns with your company's policies, procedures, and drives performance in your company.

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Executive summary

A business manager is expected to know it all: from finance and payroll to recruiting, daily administrative tasks, performance management, or analytics reports. But a great manager is not one who does it all, but one who is also able to delegate tasks to the adequate people and decides to empower his employees.

Regardless of the size of the company you’re running, LeaveBoard is the digital buddy you need in your day-to-day operations.

Product highlights

  • Leave tracking and management
  • Employee directory
  • Leave policies
  • Employee self-service
  • Employee portals
  • HR reports
  • Digital time off requests
  • Team calendars
  • Automatic notifications

Empowered by customers

LeaveBoard evolved as a product with the support of many HR professionals. And we're still learning how to make better experiences and improved automation.

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Core benefits for team leaders and supervisors/managers:

Why should you, as a business manager, start using LeaveBoard?

  • You will notice an increased level of efficiency
  • You will experience decreased administrative costs
  • Team coordination will be easier
  • Multiple processes will be automated
  • You will experience fewer human errors
  • You will benefit from updated data
  • Your employee data will be stored safely
  • You benefit from great customer support

Request leave with the LeaveBoard app

Request leave with the LeaveBoard app

Leave Management System

Start managing people, not spreadsheets. Forget about Excel timesheets from all employees or emails asking for time-off. LeaveBoard is the tool that does it all for you: tracking, monitoring, and assessing all data related to leaves. Your custom time-off policies can be easily applied to our system, so we make sure you stay compliant at all times.

Set up the approval flow exactly how you want it, give different permissions to different supervisors, depending on how small or large your teams are.

Automate your leave management operations and you will enjoy a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

HR Reporting

A business manager will always need to benefit from accurate reporting since complex analytics are key to making strategic decisions.

  • Accurate data
  • Time-off insights
  • Absenteeism trends
  • Payroll information

Employee Directory

Stop worrying about sensitive and confidential data circulating within the organization. LeaveBoard allows you to keep track of all essential employee-related data. Customize the employee directory exactly as you see fit: group them into offices, teams, or departments. In one secure place, you will be able to search for any information you need, without using paper files and folders.

By using our internal search, any information from the employees’ profiles will be easily available. So you can make more time for strategic matters.

Manager and Employee Self-Service

Modern business managers are the ones who make their employees feel appreciated and part of the organization.

That is why we, at LeaveBoard, offer you the chance to empower your employees, through the Employee Self-Service. They can enjoy a reliable and secure experience and you can save up valuable administrative time.

  • Employee portal
  • Book Time Off Online
  • Check Time off Balance
  • Team vacation calendar


As a business manager, you have to deal with all your employees: the ones that prefer the formal operations and the ones that are more digital savvy and like the more informal way of handling things. You can help both of these categories with the integrations LeaveBoard offers you.

Slack integration is the star of all since more and more companies prefer remote work. But we also have other integrations: Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal. Manage time-off directly from Slack, therefore reducing a lot of valuable time.

Workforce performance and a healthy organizational culture should be the ultimate goal for business managers and LeaveBoard is here to help you achieve it all.

Support a major organizational change

Our all-in-one system will be the perfect tool to automate your processes within the company and to empower your employees, to motivate them more every day and make them feel appreciated.

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