Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day or Washington’s Birthday celebrates the first President of the United States, George Washington (1732 – 1799). During the time, it changed its initial meaning and became a day of honoring all the presidents of the United States.

About Presidents' Day

George Washington was a political leader, a military general, and a statesman and he is considered the “Father of His Country”. He fought in the War of Independence and presided at the Constitutional Convention. Between 1789 and 1797 he was the first president of the United States. During his time, slavery was the biggest issue. Although he had slaves, Washington was troubled by the idea of slavery and freed them through his will.

How is the Presidents' Day celebrated?

Washington’s Birthday has been celebrated since 1880. In 1971 it was transformed into Presidents’ Day and moved in a Monday. Today, the day is marked by many festivities and traditions including history and oratorical skills contests, educational events, and having cherry pies in the memory of George Washington’s cherry tree myth.

When is the Presidents' Day celebrated?

Presidents’ Day is celebrated each year, on the third Monday of February because George Washington was born on February 22nd.

Is Presidents' Day a federal holiday?

Presidents' Day is one of the ten federal holidays recognized by the United States Government. Federal non-essential government offices and many private businesses are closed on Presidents' Day.


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