Annual leave planner

Based on your company’s leave policy and labor legislation in your country, each employee benefits from paid annual leave. In addition, employees can require leave days for special situations such as sickness, maternity, personal problems, and other reasons agreed by the company.

Annual leave planning impacts not only employees’ work satisfaction and motivation but also task planning, productivity, and costs. You need a transparent planning process, real-time situations, and a well-organized workflow.

If you want to manage to plan leaves using a single document for all employees (and you should), download this free Annual Leave Planner right now.

Download the Annual Leave Planer spreadsheet template

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Free Annual leave planner features

Our Annual Leave Planner is a time-saving and easy to use Excel spreadsheet. Personalize it according to your company’s leave policy and add important data such as the company’s name and employee identification data, public holidays in your region, company-related holidays, and leave types.

Here’re the most important features of our free Annual leave planning solution:

  • Covers vacations, public holidays, maternity and sick leave, and other types of leave
  • Compact calendar for 2024 with US holidays
  • Takes holidays and weekends in consideration
  • Reusable Annual leave planner; all you have to do is change the year
  • Customizable public holidays
  • Customizable leave types
  • Automatic computations for each employee and each leave type
  • Easy to add employees and visualize their leave situations.

How to use our free Annual leave planner?

An Excel-based leave planner needs to be efficient and easy to use. As a result, we avoid adding unnecessary information and deliver a neat solution that saves you time and energy. Check out the following steps to configure your Annual Leave Planner and start using it.

  1. Download the free Annual Leave Planner and rename it to match your organization’s standards.
  2. Go to Holidays worksheet and introduce your region’s public holidays and your company’s special holidays.
  3. Also in the Holidays worksheet, change the calendar and update the weekends' list if you want to plan for a different year than 2024.
  4. Go to Legend worksheet and define your leave types.
  5. Go to the Employees' worksheet and add employees and departments.
  6. Go to the Calendar worksheet and add new rows for each employee. Then simply select the employee’s name from the list.
  7. For each employee, introduce the starting and ending dates of the leave period and select the leave type from the list.
  8. The Annual Leave Planner automatically computes the situation for each employee and leave type.

That’s it! You’re ready to manage and plan vacations and special leaves for all employees.

Tip: If you work with employees from different countries or with different leave policies, just add all holidays and leave types in the Holidays and Legend worksheets.

Download the Annual Leave Planner Excel Template

We have another free template for you if you want an annual leave planner that includes the Bradford factor calculator.


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Download the Annual Leave Planner Excel Template with Braford factor

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