How to Write Farewell Messages to Employees and Colleagues (with Examples)

When an employee or colleague leaves the company, it’s time to say goodbye warmly and professionally. And although you might say the right words in person, sending a letter or email creates a deeper connection. It honors the time you’ve worked together and opens the door to future collaborations. 

The Importance of Sending a Farewell Letter

Many people send birthday wishes and work anniversary messages to colleagues, employees, and managers. However, fewer take the time to send a farewell letter and thus miss an excellent opportunity. Staying in touch with a former co-worker is much more difficult if you don’t start on the right note.

First of all, leaving the working place is an emotional moment regardless of separation conditions. Even when people go to a better workplace, they still are nostalgic. So, receiving good words from their colleagues makes them feel appreciated and missed. They will remember who took the time to wish them all the best.

Sending a farewell letter also has a practical purpose. It’s an opportunity to give your contact details and ensure the former co-worker has all the information for staying in touch. Spoken words may be forgotten. Written words can easily be searched and found later on. And if you ever need advice or recommendation from a former colleague or boss, having sent a farewell message will come in handy.

TIP: If you’re a great manager, you can consider recommending the employee leaving for her skills and experience to your close group of friends who are constantly hiring or sharing their profile on a LinkedIn/Facebook group where professional acquaintance might discuss also recruiting. In this way, you boost your company branding and the company culture.

What to Include in a Farewell Message?

Best farewell emails to colleagues and managers acknowledge the time spent working together. They review the best and most difficult moments and show gratitude and respect. This is the place to show your appreciation. It is also the place to show your support and encourage the former co-worker to follow future opportunities.

You may also include feedback and recommendations, congratulations and wishes for the future, and meaningful advice.

In short, here are the elements to include in a farewell message:

  • feedback and recommendations
  • congratulations and wishes for the future
  • meaningful advice
  • contact details (and not just the professional ones), such as your mobile phone number or personal email address.

Make sure the tone and content of the message fit the company’s culture and your relationship with the receiver. You can be as funny or professional as the situation allows.

Also, don’t forget to include contact details and not just the professional ones. If you want to stay in touch with a person who no longer works with you, you will have to include personal contact data such as your mobile phone number or personal email address.

A farewell message may be an email or a handwritten letter. You can accompany the message with a personalized card or gift given in an informal environment. Some organizations even welcome farewell parties.

Examples of Farewell Messages

If you need some inspiration in finding the best words for a farewell message, check out the following examples. Don’t forget to personalize them to fit your organization, personality, and relationship with the receiver. Be thoughtful, honest, and respectful.

Farewell Message to Employees

Dear [Employee Name],

On behalf of [team/department/office], we would like to thank you for your valuable contribution to our organization and wish you all the best in the next chapter of your career. 

Your dedication and creativity were an inspiration for us all. We are grateful for your hard work, commitment, and team spirit. We will miss you, but we are sure you will be appreciated wherever you go.

All the best and good luck,

[Full name/Position in team/Department/Office]

Editor tip: Employees are not always quitting because they got a better-paid job. Having a procedure to follow when offboarding an employee has benefits. Exit interviews can help in this sense. You will be able to identify elements that contributed to the employee resigning the firm. And if these are handled promptly, as a HR manager, you could reduce employee turnover, increase employee happiness, and make the company more resilient. And don’t forget by having a holistic experience from onboarding to the last day in the office, you have a much more solid approach to people management within your business.

Professional Farewell Message to a Boss

Dear [Full title and name of the receiver],

I’ve been working with you for the last [years of working together], and your guidance and support made things easy for me. I’ve learned a lot from your experience and professionalism. I’m grateful for your advice and patience. Although I’m sad I will no longer work with you, your contribution will always be appreciated. I will be honored to stay in touch. Please contact me at [email address / phone number].

As you set off for the next chapter in your career, I wish you success and amazing experiences. 

Best regards,

[Full Name]

Tip: Please note that the HR analytics functionalities of LeaveBoard provide details about the length of service of each employee within the business. Such functionalities help not only to prepare a more personalized message when the employees are leaving for a new job but also help with overall HR management while employees are working within the business.

Touching Farewell Letters to Colleagues

Dear [Name],

It’s hard to see you go. Having a colleague and friend like you is a rare thing in a workplace. You were such an example to me and all of us. And not just work-related. You were the heart and smile of the team, and we sure are gone miss you.

Thank you for all your support, friendship, and good words. I hope your career will flourish, and you’ll have good experiences and colleagues for your next job. But please don’t forget me! Let’s keep in touch. You can reach me at [email address/phone number] anytime you want to hear a friendly old voice.

May luck and success be always with you,

Your colleague,


Best practice: Depending on how your business is functioning, you might organize farewell parties for colleagues who are leaving the business. They don’t need to be extravagant. Just the team together, some snacks, and maybe champagne on a Friday after work does work wonders. The employee will feel the business cares, makes the day more special, the transition easier, and the team members can connect and engage in a more casual way.

Funny Goodbye Email Last Day in Office

Dear [Name],

As you were the fun of the team, I don’t know what we’ll do without you. Please, send us at least one joke a day to keep us alive. My [email address/ phone number] is always open to you. Also, let us know where we can find you in times of terrible boredom or tearful success.

It’s been a pleasure to work, laugh, and cry with you. Even our coffees together were the best. Thank you for all our great experiences as co-workers. I wish you all the best in your career and life and hope to meet again soon.

Yours truly,


Tip: Employees come and go; however, it is always a good idea to reflect on how to improve employee retention and start investing in programs to boost loyalty. With LeaveBoard you have an employee database with all the professional employee details, and when an employee leaves, deactivating their account is three taps away.

Goodbye message at resignation

Dear colleagues,

Working with you was a great satisfaction and I will miss you very much. I hope that my new job will have colleagues as professional as you!

All the best and good luck,


Goodbye message to colleagues

Dear colleagues,

I learned a lot from all of you and you helped me in every activity and in my professional carrer growth. I am grateful to have had exceptional teammates and supporters like you.

Thank you all. Goodbye and best wishes!


Farewell Email To Your Team or Direct Reports Template

Greetings colleagues,

As you already know, I’m moving on from [Company X].

My final day will take place on [Date], and I look forward to inviting you to a special farewell party [add details here]. I will take a lot of great memories from working with you as a team, and I sincerely wish you good luck!

You can find my contact details, and I would enjoy staying in touch with you and hearing about your professional successes.

[Email, LinkedIn]

Thank you,


Don't forget about the teamwork quotes. They can bring some extra joy and inspiration.

Farewell Email To C-Level Employees Template

Good morning [Name],

As you know, I'm regrettably leaving my role at [Company]. Working in this company provided a fantastic opportunity from a professional and personal perspective, and I would like to thank your involvement and support.

I will be joining [New Company], aiming to bring forward all the competencies I have learned and improved here. The collaborations we had and the great achievements will be moments that I will happily remember.

Thanks one more time for everything

[Your name]


Farewell messages close a door and open a window. They celebrate the time spent together and build strong relationships for the future. Whether they are professional or friendly, thoughtful or funny, farewell letters are a way to say you care and appreciate a person. And valuing your colleagues and employees should be the norm in your organization. Even when you need dedicated cloud HR software to remind you of their milestones.

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