Employee Expense Report

You can create your own employee expense report by organizing all essential data related to an employee’s company expense in a simple form. But if you want a faster solution, download for free our employee expense report template.

An employee expense report is a document submitted by employees for reimbursing work-related expenses. It’s usually associated with business travels, protocol expenses, and any other company expenses. The employee needs to document the costs with invoices or receipts too. Furthermore, costs have to be approved by a manager. Therefore, to make things easier for everybody, it’s essential to have a clear and easy to use employee expense report.

An employee expense report shouldn’t have more than one page but should be adjustable with the number of expenses. The report has to include all relevant information such as the purpose of expenditures, the period when the payments were made, and specific date, description, and the amount paid for each expense. Also, it has to include information about employees and their managers. In case your company requires the manager’s approval, make sure your report reserves space for the authorizing person’s name and signature.

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