How to Write an Annual Leave Email/Letter for Office (With Template)

Labor legislation entitles each employee to a minimum number of leave days per year. In addition, each company is free to offer supplementary leave days to particular job positions, to reward loyalty towards the company, or as benefits to attract new employees. Some companies even have an unlimited vacation policy, allowing employees to take as many leave days as they want as long as they finish their tasks. However, when the employees want to benefit from the leave they're entitled to they must notify their superiors or the HR Department and request approval to miss work.

Why annual leave matters?

Each company has its own vacation policy and communication tools. Some prefer an official email addressed to everyone involved, from managers to the HR Department. Others accept a less formal notice made by phone or chat. In some companies, you must inform only the direct manager, while others have a strict protocol and a long list of people who must be noticed by the employee seeking annual leave. Especially when employees ask for an extended leave, the annual leave letter becomes extremely important and must include relevant information.

Also, the company's policy and culture aren't the only ones that matter. You must consider the way your company keeps track of time-off and leave. For example, if your company uses annual leave management software, all HR tasks related to tracking, planning, notifying, updating, or reporting will be done automatically by the HR system.

What is an annual leave notice letter?

An annual leave letter is an official letter you send to your manager or HR Department to request leave days. It's usually sent via email either by you or automatically by the HR software your company uses. 

An annual leave letter should include all the information your superiors need to know personal and contact data of the employee, date of request, the period of absence, the number of necessary leave days, and other helpful information. Although the people in charge probably have access to your leave balance, it's probably a good idea to mention how many leave days you have left. 

How to write an annual leave letter/email?

The first thing you need to do is find out what format your company requires. They may already have a template or give you helpful directions on what information to put in the letter.If you don't have a specific format to follow, write the letter/email using a neutral tone, and make sure you include the following data:

  • The recipient name or function
  • Your name and function
  • The reason for sending the letter – requesting leave days
  • The number of leave days you ask and their dates
  • The acknowledge of the fact that you didn't use all the leave days you were entitled to
  • Your signature.

Because leave letters can be sent using a personal email address, don't forget to write your email subject and make it straightforward and concise. For example, you can write " Annual leave request" in the Subject field. Also, write your complete name and function to avoid mistakes.Include greetings and a professional email closing but keep the text short.

The annual leave application refers to the number of leave days an employee is entitled to and doesn't need to include justifications. The employees can use their leave days as they desire.However, suppose the employee asks for a more extended period of absence.In that case, it's usually a good idea to mention that they are available for urgencies, have discussed the absence with their managers, and have found a colleague to cover their tasks.

Note: LeaveBoard allows to select a backup person for each annual leave request.

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General tips to consider before submitting an annual leave application

Send your yearly leave letter in advance to give your supervisors enough time to manage your absence. In case of rejection, you'll be able to reconfigure your vacation plans too.

Follow the company's protocol. If you aren't familiar with it, call the HR Department and ask what you should do.

Inform your colleagues as well, especially if you plan an extended leave. If your absence affects other people, they should be aware of it.Your colleagues can take care of your clients or urgent tasks, and your managers can change task planning to maintain the team's productivity. 

If you' ll be out of the office for more than one day or have a busy schedule, set up an out-of-office automatic response to inform those who send you an email of your absence.

10 Annual Leave Challenges?
  • 1. Annual allowances
  • 2. Multiple types of leaves
  • 3. Annual leave calculations
  • 4. New hires and employees departing (Prorata and Accrual)
  • 5. Annual planning
  • 6. Yearly carry-forward
  • 7. Multiple geographies
  • 8. Public holidays
  • 9. Enforcing allowance
  • 10. Updating calendars.
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How to ask for day off?

We provide an extended description on the 7 steps needed to request time off, provide several sample templates of emails you can use on different occasions to get your day off approved.

How to request time off like a pro?
Out-of-Office Email Messages

If you want to setup an out of office message, an automatic email reply, or autoresponder email messages for your vacation, that go out to colleagues, and customers we have multiple professional examples for you.

OOO Email Messages

Annual leave request email

We have your back whenever you need help writing an annual leave email covering the basics. Our yearly leave request message contains the following elements:

  • A good intro.
  • The key details on the absence.
  • Showing gratitude.
  • Covering the backup.
  • Highlighting the remaining/available days.

Subject: Annual Leave Application


I work as [JOB_DESCRIPTION] in the [DEPARTMENT] and I write to you to request approval to use [X] leave days between [DATE] and [DATE].

As this will be a long absence, I will make sure that I hand over my responsibilities to another employee from our team. I have already received my supervisor’ s approval. In case of an emergency, I will be available at [CONTACT DETAILS]. Please let me know if you need additional information.

OPTIONAL: According to my leave balance I have [X] leave days left. Therefore, my current request doesn’t exceed my annual leave entitlement.

I will be grateful if you approve my leave application.

Best regards,


Annual leave request letter template

If your company doesn't provide you with an annual leave letter template, you can make your own or download one here. It' s better to use the same format each time you request leave.You save time and energy, and it looks more professional than putting together a new letter each time. Check out the following examples:

Example 1: Annual leave request letter sample

Download the annual leave request letter

Example 2: Annual leave request letter template

Download the annual leave request letter

Example 3: Professional annual leave request letter

Download the Professional annual leave request letter

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