LeaveBoard Updates and Enhancements

What to know what is new with LeaveBoard? Well, we have a list of updates for you:

Better product pages

We are listening to your feedback, and we have made our product pages even better documented. We want to have well-informed customers, with no surprises about the product.

Multiyear bookings

From now on, you will be able to book time off not only for the current year, but also for the next one, and your bookings can start this year and end the next one. The requested days will be split for the two fiscal years and visible in your yearly balance of allowances for the two years.

New feature: Dual notifications

This feature got requested by several customers. Once you start using it, not only the line manager will receive notifications for each of your requests, but also the HR or Office manager if needed.

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New feature: HR analytics

Another major update on LeaveBoard consists of reports on demographics and headcount.

In this way, you will know more about your organization, understand how to deal with promotions or performance reviews, and why not organize some social activities with employees celebrating their birthdays.

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Product functionality: Personal details tab

New tab on the employee profile holding Personal Details such as birthday, personal number, gender, next of kin information. The personal details information is a mandatory law requirement in some states. Just login to your account, and you will see this in your employee records.

Product enhancement: Contract start and end dates

HR managers want to monitor the contracts of their employees better. Companies hire fresh talent and must let go of people. We have added new functionalities to better control the employment start date and end date for the employee profile.

Product enhancement: Navigating through various time intervals within reports and calendars

Details matter. They translate into better user experiences. If you can make with one click what previously took 5 or 6, for us makes sense. Because user experience counts, we invest engineering time in enhancing the user experience in controlling the calendar and reports.

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New feature: Reorder leave types

Let us say in your company account, there are ten types of leaves of absence. Then you add the eleventh one, Work from Home, at the bottom of the dropdown when someone books leave. Now some of them are more important or more used than others. Since it is in our DNA to create simple experiences for employees, we made a functionality that allows us to reorder the leave types anytime. In this way, Work from home can appear now at the top of the leave types in the Leave management app.

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Product enhancements: User experience for employee leave tracker

Enhancing the user experience for the leave history. Now you can have a broader perspective, and it is easier to review the leaves of absence from your profile.

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Annual leave carryover

This functionality is a huge time saver for companies with many employees. From now on, LeaveBoard not only follows the annual accruals and annual tracks leaves but also eases the roll-over of remaining leaves from one fiscal year to another.

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