Vacation Request Form

Suppose you are looking for an example of a vacation request letter/form to ask to request a few days off. This template is practical, can be downloaded, printed, and used for free. Asking for vacation will never be a problem again.

You can consider this template as a model for submitting a leave application for vacation leave to the manager. The template is editable, can be customized as desired; however, the form has the essential elements needed, such as the reason, the decision of the manager, and the date when the decision has been made.

Vacation request email

Here is a sample email that you can send to your manager, boss, or principal to request approval for one day or several days off.

Subject: Vacation request (August 2nd through August 10th)
Hi Michelle,
I want to request vacation time from Friday, August 2nd, through Thursday, August 10th. I'll be traveling with my family around Italy.
Although I will not be in the office, I would be glad to assist with any questions via email or phone. If approved, I will arrange with my colleagues' smooth work during my absence.

Automate the vacation request process

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Automate your leave request with the easy to use online HR software.

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