Travel Request Form and Template

A  travel request form is an absolute necessity when your employees must travel for work. Write a form for your company by following our simple instructions or, if you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our travel request form template.

A travel expenses report is required for approval and reimbursing of business travel expenses. Write a straightforward report for your company by following our simple instructions or, if you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our travel expenses report template.

Before a business journey, an employee has to submit a travel request form in which he/she provides information required for approval of the travel. The form includes an estimated budget as well. However, expenses are reimbursed based on the travel expenses report, a detailed report submitted after the business trip is over.

Travel for work is something most companies require. But before going on a business trip, the employee has to receive approval for travel. The travel request form follows the company’s policy for traveling and can differ from company to company. However, the form should include important information such as employee data, the purpose of traveling, estimated expenses, and the supervisor’s approval. Check out the following steps to write a travel request form:

Information about the employee – The form should include all relevant data such as the employee’s name, position in the company, department, and more.

Information about the travel – The form should include the travel’s destination and the period the employee will skip work. It’s also important to know the exact dates of the traveling period.

The purpose of the travel – Most companies require the exact reasoning of the trip and a short justification. The employee should justify why the journey is in the company‘s interest and what benefits will come from it.

An estimated budget – Usually, employees can estimate their travel expenses, and most of them are paid in advance. Based on the travel purpose, costs may include plane and train tickets, gas and car-related taxes, meals and hotel fees, entrance fees to fairs and conferences, or training fees and accommodation during the training. On return, the employee will submit an Employee Expense Report and will provide receipts and invoices for all expenses made during the business travel.

Signatures – A travel request form has to be approved by a manager or supervisor. It also has to include the employee’s signature and the date of the approval.

Note: this can be also used as an travel expense report.

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