New Hire Onboarding Checklist Form

Create a new hire onboarding checklist form to make sure you don't forget anything, and new employees feel welcome. If you want a faster solution, download for free our new hire checklist form template.

A new hire onboarding checklist form is a list that helps you remember all the steps required for welcoming a new employee. It should be straightforward and well-organized and, of course, it should be representative of your company culture and activity.

Divide information into categories to make things easier for you. You can even delegate tasks between the HR Department. A new hire checklist form should include work information, a list of essential documents, a list of items the new employee must receive, welcoming events, and training. Personalize the new hire checklist according to your company but don't forget about essential things such as employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, payroll details, access cards, and emergency contact data.

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Download the New Hire onboarding Checklist

If as a manager you would like to become a pro at onboarding employees, then check our onboarding process guide. In the image below, you can find a summary of the key steps needed to onboard your new hires.

Checklists were initially developed for flight pilots, however because of their effectiveness they are now used in all the fields. Having a checlist every time you will have a new employee, that covers all the required elements, will ensure that you don't miss anything highly important, when we have busy schedules.

Checklists were developed for more and more parts of flight, for emergency situations as well as more routine situations.

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