HR Work Request Form

A basic HR work request form is an absolute necessity when your HR department is swamped with work. Write a form for your company by following our simple instructions or, if you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our HR work request form template.

The HR department has to solve problems and requests from all other departments. They make sure all departments have the human resources they need, manage leave, payroll, and benefits, keep employees' data and take care of employees' work satisfaction, training, and performance. Therefore, to ensure the HR department is efficient, responsive, and in control, you need to categorize and prioritize the tasks they handle.

The HR work request form should include important information such as employee data, the request's purpose, and a short description. Check out the following steps to write an HR work request form:

  • Information about the employee – The form should include all relevant data such as the employee's name, position in the company, department, and contact data.
  • Information about the request – The form should include the category of the request. You can have categories such as new hire, employee performance analysis, personal and payroll data, leave and absence reports, training, and benefits.
  • The description of the request – A HR work request form should include a short description of the request clarifying what is needed. In the description, the employee requesting the task should mention details about the request such as the employees' names for whom he/she asks for data, the reason for requesting the task, the descriptions for the new positions requested, the terms of training the terms of benefits the reason for requesting data analysis the deadline of the task. 
  • Signatures – A HR work request form must include the employee's signature and the request's date.

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