HR Software for
Nonprofits and Charities

Nonprofits and charities are entitled to a great HR Software, just as much as regular for-profit companies. Their mission is always to do good, so they deserve good for themselves: easier people management, administrative task automation, maximized resources, and leave management.

At LeaveBoard, we understand how vital their purpose is and how challenging their work is becoming these days, so we decided to offer the best HR software there is. Our cloud-based system will be the perfect breath of fresh air for charities and will follow these companies' particular needs.

Overcoming Common Nonprofit Challenges

We are highly aware of the challenges nonprofits must face in carrying out their philanthropic goals:

Funding limitations - nonprofits mostly survive from governmental funding, donations, or grants, which means offering competitive salaries to their employees is always an issue. Funds can cause a domino effect on recruitment and retention of top talent. Luckily, when working in a charity, the financial side is not the only reason. There is also a sense of fulfillment for helping others or society.

Working with volunteers - while using volunteers is an advantage nonprofits have over profit companies, this also implies HR concerns. They must understand their work will not bring any compensation, and they should not expect one; otherwise, they will be considered employees. Plus, there is also the issue of their performance. Volunteers need to understand the charity's goal and mission and adopt them to be performant and useful.

Compliance - although charities often work with limited resources, they mostly need to obey the same regulations as for-profit companies have to. Even more, since some laws about volunteers may be stricter than those related to employees. Compliance with state and local laws is significant regardless of the size of the nonprofit.

Accurate handling of the payroll. Yet, nonprofits may have less to do than regular businesses since they are tax-exempt entities. But still, this is a complex area, and careful handling is needed, and it would not hurt to consult a payroll expert.

Non-traditional work schedule. The system permits to customize the work schedule for each employee.

Perfect for nonprofit organizations

Intuitive. Flexible. LeaveBoard keeps pace with your fast-changing needs.

Leave management at its best

Save a lot of administrative time and benefit from approval workflows and self-service booking with Leaveboard’s time-off manager. The central team calendar offers you a clear view of who is off and when. We track any kind of absence, from paid time off, to sick leave or bereavement leave.

Employees will enjoy using the web-app to send vacation requests. Managers will approve them with just a click.

LeaveBoard also allows you to create custom time-off policies that accrue automatically, so flexibility is our mission.

Managers have a clear picture of the team calendar. They can spot absenteeism trends and benefit from accurate reporting easier to focus on strategic matters.

The powerful filters will allow you to focus on a particular employee or team.

Discover your workforce's hidden value with adequate tools that help spot labor patterns, trends, and outliers.

Leave reporting and
HR analytics

With LeaveBoard’s reporting function, you make smarter decisions, suitable for the philanthropic goal you fight every day.

Get an overview of annual leave allowances and the balance of time off taken. Real-time HR data is always available, in one centralized place. Gain new insights into the attendance patterns or the financial stability of your charity.

HR Reports

Streamline HR Management

Track essential data about your employees in one place, and you can access it anytime, from any device. From contact information to next of kin and career history, vital information is available with just one click. You can centralize your workforce according to the organizational chart of your company. Structuring your people on teams and offices is effortless.

LeaveBoard's internal search gets you out of a jam always: are you looking for your new hire's records? Find them instantly.

Employee Database

You have all your staff and co-workers organized according to your organizational structure

Every employee will have an individual profile, where they can always check their professional information.

Automate your Core HR Processes

You want speed and simplicity. You want control, better insights, and increased productivity when dealing with people. These are three examples of why online HR systems are more efficient than spreadsheets. Consider the fact that you eliminate errors due to manual calculations, one-click report generation, a cloud-based centralized directory, and much more:

  • Secure ESS access
  • Streamlined communications
  • Dynamic leave policies

Plan for what is next

Regain clarity over employee attendance with powerful PTO and sick leave tracking functionalities. Gain visibility, control, and productivity.

  • Vacation calendar
  • Custom work schedules
  • Personalized approval flows

Easy to implement

Do not worry about spending too much time setting up LeaveBoard. There is nothing to install, just a simple step-by-step set up to enjoy automation every day. Our user-friendly software makes it easy to enjoy. Our support team is available to answer all your questions. As a digital HR solutions provider, we want you and your team to succeed when it comes to people management.

Cost-effective solution, without risks

For non-profit organizations up to 9 employees, LeaveBoard is free of charge. Get your team started with the best HR software. We are totally open to discussing potential discounts for bigger organizations. Contact us right away and let's make it right for you and your team!

LeaveBoard makes HR Management extremely easy. Having time to focus on strategic matters is even more crucial when running a charity than in a for-profit company. Because doing good takes time and effort. LeaveBoard aims to get you there!

Automate your Human Resources Management with the HR Software for for Nonprofits and Charities that your employees will enjoy.

Easy setup ● No contracts required ● No credit cards