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LeaveBoard approach

Almost every day, we learn about a new startup. Courageous entrepreneurs launch new and innovative startups, hoping to thrive in the market and win the customers' hearts.

But it's not that easy. If you are one of these founders, you probably feel you could use some help with the administrative tasks, leave management, and employee database.

Product highlights

  • Employee self-service
  • Absence tracking and management
  • Employee database and records
  • Slack integration
  • Time-off policies
  • Approval workflows
  • Single Sign-On
  • HR reports
  • Integration with Office/Google Calendar
  • Time off manager
  • Leave tracking

Why should you choose LeaveBoard if running a startup?

Rather than focusing on simple HR requests coming from employees or on approving leave requests, make sure you put a lot of effort into the challenges a startup usually faces: stiff competition, hiring adequate candidates, financial management, or gaining customers’ trust.

Absence tracking for startups

You are responsible for tracking a great deal of data such as the employment date, the emergency contact, the birthday, the allowance, and other contractual and legal agreements. With the HR app are all covered and much more. LeaveBoard will facilitate this task for you: all your employee data is centralized in one secure place, which will allow you to structure your workforce.

HR management platform for startups

Become masters of employee data. Save time by centralizing employee HR data into one secure platform. Cut the spreadsheets and cabinets, say hello to smart management.

  • Email notification workflows
  • Smart HR process automation
  • Employee allowance management
  • Custom access levels

Key benefits

Easy to use software

You don't need to download or install any software. Simply register your account, and then with one click, you can access all facilities. LeaveBoard is user-friendly, and the implementation is fast.

Effortless leave management

Use the absence calendar at all times to check who is at work and who is off. Forget about emails requesting time-off. With our approval flow, you save a lot of valuable time. The approval supervisor will receive notification almost instantly and will be able to handle it easily.

A web-app that scales

As you hire more employees, it will be very easy to add them to the system. They will benefit from extra visibility and control, while you can focus on the strategy when the administrative part is handled through self-service and very systematic HR procedures every time they are triggered.

Empowered by customers

LeaveBoard evolved as a product with the support of many HR professionals. And we're still learning how to make better experiences and improved automation.

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Elevate HR experiences

Transform the way you manage your employees. Automate your workforce processes and allow your startup to grow daily!

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