HR Software for Government and Small Agencies

HR Managers and professionals face many challenges nowadays, regardless of the sector or industry they activate. We tend to speak only about the private sector, but the public sector is sometimes overwhelmed, if not even more. HR staff and management in government agencies and institutions deal with challenges like a low workforce, employee morale, engagement, pressure to stay compliant with many regulations, outdated procedures, high expectations about performance, and intense scrutiny from citizens and media.

Perfect for government organizations

Intuitive. Flexible. LeaveBoard keeps pace with your fast-changing needs.

LeaveBoard is the cloud-based software available, offering an extensive human resources management system that will generate flexibility, efficiency, productivity, and reduced costs within the public sector departments.

Recordkeeping made easy

Considerable focus exists on recordkeeping in the public sector. And recordkeeping is associated with data entry mistakes. Switching to digital tools reduces manual data entry and tracking and cuts human errors. At LeaveBoard, make sure you benefit from the best and safest way to store employee data like team manager, contract start date, time off records, calendar entries, or synchronizations.

All your employee data is centralized in one secure place, which will allow you to structure your workforce. You can organize it into teams/departments or offices, as in your org chart.

Each employee has an individual profile holding all-important personal data that can be reached anytime, from any device. That is the beauty of cloud-based software.

Internal search is another important thing you get with a few clicks. You get the info you need without searching in many paper folders in different offices or archives.

The powerful filters will allow you to focus on a particular employee or team.

Discover your workforce's hidden value with adequate tools that help spot labor patterns, trends, and outliers.

Great insight provided by HR reporting solutions

Optimal performance is expected from the public sector. But it cannot be carried out without clear, accurate, and up-to-date information. Our HR reporting software gives you complete and smart data to make strategic decisions. You can either use our vast range of reports or create custom ones designed explicitly for your team department's needs absence and attendance reports or payroll or HR analytics.

Stay up to date on your employment issues, thanks to our system, which allows you to spot trends and problems and help you make the correct decisions. Quickly identify voids in your organization and share key metrics with all interested parties.

You can export the data in various formats and pass it to payroll, accountancy, HR, or team leaders, so everyone is informed. Or you can invite them to the platform, offer them the right access to data, and they will be able to access the latest insights.

Enhanced security always

Data security is essential for us, so we take vital steps to safeguard your sensitive information. We use high-grade TLS, multi-layered encryption, and daily back-ups to keep your account safe. You can set up layers of access (role-based-for managers/team-leaders), which will improve your information's safety too. This way, not everyone has access to sensitive data.

Every employee will have an individual profile, where they can always check their personal information.

Empower your employees with the Self-Service System

Government employees often lack motivation and engagement. Not anymore!

Allow your team to take over the power: they can book time-off easily, check their balance, access the shared team calendar, or update their personal information.

This way, you make them feel appreciated and part of a bigger plan. LeaveBoard is the key to enhance team autonomy, reduce administrative time, and make HR operations more productive.

Your employees will enjoy the dashboard dedicated to each of them with the latest information about their department. Plus, they have access to the vacation calendar, with an overview of who will be off in the next period. With smart tools, you allow for better planning of their vacation.

Expert support

Do not worry about the implementation of our software. Our dedicated success managers will be your contact point and ensure a smooth transition towards centralized and automated HR processes. No downloads are necessary: LeaveBoard runs in the cloud.

Easy to implement

We will not forget about you after the software has been set up: we are always available to solve your queries. Our customer support department wants to make the LeaveBoard experience perfect!

Do you have more issues you need addressing? No worries! Contact us, and we will answer all of them. Book a demo right now.

Automate your Human Resources Management with the HR Software for Government and Small agencies that your employees will enjoy.

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