HR Service Request Form

A basic HR service request form allows employees, managers, and business partners to address the HR department well and efficiently. Write a form for your company by following our simple instructions or, if you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download for free our HR service request form template.

The HR department can receive requests from employees, managers, business partners, and people looking for a job. A request may address questions about the company's policies and procedures, notifications about changes in a department, employee-related information, or incidents. The HR department is responsible for keeping employees' data updated and registering changes in their paychecks, benefits, leave balances, and personal records. It is also responsible for informing managers about incidents and issues reported by employees or business partners and managing insurance compensations, conflicts, and the working force.

The HR service request form should include important information about the requester, the purpose of the request and its severity, and a short description. Check out the following steps to write an HR service request form:

  1. Information about the requester - The form should include all relevant data such as the requester's name, company, position in the company, department, and contact data.
  2. Severity - To make sure your HR department is responsive and efficient, the requester should mention the request's severity. For example, incidents and leave requests should be addressed fast, while employee transfers and records can be processed later.
  3. Information about the request - The form should include the category of the request. You can have types such as information about the company, employee-related information, insurance compensations, and incidents.
  4. The request's description - A HR service request form should include a short description of the request. In the description, the requester should mention details about the request, such as:
    • the employees' names for whom he/she asks for data
    • information on the information she/he requests
    • relevant dates for employee transfer, promotion, or job-related changes
    • details about issues and incidents mentioned in the request
  5. Signatures – A HR service request form must include the requester's signature and the date of the request.

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