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The HR department receives lots of requests from employees, managers, new hires, business partners, and others. Make sure you have a smooth and efficient management system by creating a standard HR case management form. If you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download our template for free.

When you want to create an HR dashboard, you need a plan. Start by organizing the data you have—employees records, payroll, benefits, performance scores, satisfaction scores, everything counts. Then take a minute to decide what you want to achieve. Each purpose should have dedicated data and statistics. For example, you may want to evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPI), absenteeism, leave balances, and payroll for each department. Or you may want to have a general perspective over the workforce and need to make sure your company respects gender, age, and racial equality. Or you may want to find the relationship between bonuses and training. All these have their role in an HR dashboard. Furthermore, the HR dashboard allows you to follow the data and understand why you have these results.

Excel is a great medium to create an HR dashboard. It provides tools for analyzing data and visual representation. Use different spreadsheets for data, statistics, and graphs. Label everything and try to keep things simple. Also, don't forget to update your data regularly. You can create monthly HR dashboards for keeping each department under control and a yearly HR dashboard for general perspectives, activity evaluation, and predictions.

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Employee HR dashboard software

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