HR Case Management Form

The HR department receives lots of requests from employees, managers, new hires, business partners, and others. Make sure you have a smooth and efficient management system by creating a standard HR case management form. If you want a faster solution or some inspiration, download our template for free.

How the HR department manages HR request influences the entire workflow of the company. If the response time is lengthy or the employee requests get lost, work satisfaction and productivity will decrease. If managers don't see their demands fulfilled, team management and task planning can suffer. If business partners don't receive an answer to their inquires, the company's image is compromised. Therefore, it's vital to have well-organized and efficient HR case management.

To make things easier for the HR department, the employees should categorize each request. Use a different spreadsheet for new requests (New), requests assigned to an HR team member (In progress), and completed requests (Completed).

You may also want to sort requests by severity, due date, department, or other categories. Once the request is processed and assigned to an HR team member, add it to the In progress spreadsheet. The appointed person will make sure to modify the task's progress when needed. The requester should receive a response as soon as the case handler completes the task. Make sure you mark the requests that received an answer.

The HR case management system should include the requester's name and department, the request's date, and the request's full description, as mentioned in the HR work request form. You can add additional information such as the type of the request (new hire, employee records, statistics, benefits, training, etc.), a duration estimation, and severity. 

You can also add:

  • a list of departments that need to be informed (e.g., in case of an employee transfer, new hire, etc.),
  • a list of documents to be prepared, or
  • a list of required actions (e.g., ask for a new working station, send a contract to the legal department, code an access card, etc.)

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