Employee Database Template

Employee database management is a system that centralizes employee data. Employee data refers to personal and contact data and work-related information such as department, position, and direct manager. You can use paper files, Excel files, or dedicated software, each method having its advantages and drawbacks. If you want to have all employee's data in a single Excel file (and you should), download this free employee database template right now.

Free employee database template features

Our employee database template is a time-saving and easy-to-use Excel template. It includes two spreadsheets with different data arrangements. The first one has a compact form and works better for companies with fewer employees. The second one works better for companies with many employees that need to sort and filter data. Choose the one that matches your employee data and personalize it according to your company's information. You can add new rows and columns that meet your requirements (e.g., age, years with the company, position evolution, etc.)

Here're the essential features of our free employee database solution:

  • Covers personal and contact data
  • Includes organization chart information such as direct manager, position, and department
  • Easy to add new employees
  • Easy to sort by hiring date, birthdate, department, or country
  • Easy to print in either landscape or portrait format.

Download the Employee database template in Excel

Download the Employee database template

Download the Employee database template sample 2

Download the Employee database template vertical format

Discover the Employee database software

If you want to boost productivity within your office and bring your employee professional data and well-organized records of your employees, we recommend you to consider LeaveBoard. With our employee database management, you'll have all employee data in a well-organized and well-structured manner. You can access workforce analytics, check headcount, get the length of service for every employee, and update the records from your phone. Sounds good? That's more! LeaveBoard is entirely free for businesses with less than nine employees.

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  • Approval flows
  • Teams / Departments
  • Position
  • Service length & Age (contract date /birthday)
  • Easy setup

  • Instant search
  • Position
  • Team
  • Managers
  • Filters

Centralize your employee data with the easy to use employee database software.

Easy set-up ● No contracts required ● No credit cards