Employee Birthday Calendar Template

To increase employee loyalty and responsibility, they need to feel acknowledged and appreciated. Celebrating employee birthdays improves communication and allows you to get to know your workforce better. But when your company has many employees, it’s hard to keep up with birthdays and celebrations. That’s why you need a well-organized employee birthday calendar.

You can create your employee birthday calendar by keeping notes on paper, adding dates to your regular calendar, or creating an Excel file. If you want an easier way, download this free employee birthday calendar right now.

Free employee birthday calendar template features

Our employee birthday calendar is a time-saving and easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet. It includes the calendar of the current year and the list of employees and their birthdays. Personalize it by adding your company name and logo. Also, update the list of employees anytime you hire someone new.

Here’re the essential features of our free employee birthday calendar:

  • Organizes the information in one page to make it easy to use
  • Access an employee birthday list, that can be sorted calendaristicaly.
  • Includes the calendar of the entire year to help you plan in advance
  • Birthdays are automatically marked in the calendar when you add a new employee
  • Keep track of employee birthdays easily - for the entire year, or on a month by month basis
  • Reusable solution; all you have to do is change the calendar.

How to use our free employee birthday calendar template?

An Excel-based employee birthday calendar needs to be efficient and easy to use. As a result, we avoid adding unnecessary information and deliver a neat solution that saves you time and energy. Check out the following steps to configure your employee birthday calendar for the office and start using it. 

  1. Download the free employee birthday calendar template and rename it to match your organization’s standards.
  2. Add employees and their birthdays.
  3. Go to Conditional Formatting, choose Manage Rules... and select This Worksheet from the “Show formatting rules for” list.
  4. Personalize the formatting by updating the formulas with your number of employees, changing fill color, or changing font. 
  5. The employee birthday calendar template automatically highlights the birthdays of your employees in the calendar.

Note: We just made an update to the template. From now on you can sort the employee birthdays in chronological order by month and date, so that it is easy to identify when is the next birthday, or which birthdays are comming next month if you have a large number of employees. We have used the formula =TEXT(A4,"MMDD"), to create this filter, and sorting dates in Excel by month and day. When you download this file you will be able to personalize with your employees, and add additional rows if needed.

That’s it! You’re ready to celebrate your employees’ birthdays. If you need a more sophisticated solution, choose dedicated employee management software such as LeaveBoard. With this web app, you will know when the next birthdays take place; you will be able to see the employee anniversaries by team or department. Moreover, you have a calendar feed with the birthdays in your office. It’s free for up to nine employees, provides a centralized employee database with all the information you need, leave and absence management, customized reports, and more. It synchronizes with Slack and calendars and sends you instant notifications when you need them the most. Try the workforce analytics solution right now!

Employee birthday tracker and reminder

If you are looking to have all the staff birthdays in one place and sort your report by the employee age, birth date, or the next birthday anniversary, we have good news for you. Our HR analytics solution is a perfect fit for your needs. 

And if you have a large number of employees, you can filter the employee birthdays online, more granularly your team, department, or location. And if you send a birthday message, or send a gift, on that day, for sure, you are contributing to better company culture. Additionally, when you add a new employee to the database, the system will update your list with the next birthday.

The coolest part is that we provide calendar feeds with your employees' birthdays so that you can have your birthday calendar in your Outlook calendar or Google Calendar automatically, without any manual work. How nice is that?

Check it out today.

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