Disciplinary action form

A disciplinary action form is a warning notice issued in the company's name when an employee doesn't meet job expectations or has inappropriate behavior at work.  You can create your own form or, if you want a faster solution, you can download for free our disciplinary action form template.

The disciplinary action form is based on the company's employment policy and differs from company to company.  It should state all the facts, previous warnings, and consequences clearly and fairly. This warning notice is meant to bring the employee on the right path and shouldn't include irrelevant facts or humiliating language.

A disciplinary action form should be straightforward and well-written. Avoid flowery and wordy language. Include just:

  • the relevant information such as employee's and supervisor's data,
  • the facts that led to this disciplinary action and their consequences;
  • the activities took in the prevention of this action;
  • the required corrections.

Don't forget to add the reason for this disciplinary action and the dates of all facts mentioned in the document. A disciplinary action form should be signed by the person who issued it and by the employee. Note that the employee's signature doesn't mean they agree with the document, but that they received and read the document.

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