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Transform the way you manage your employees with LeaveBoard’s HR tools. Our state-of-the-art digital HR management system will bring joy to your office and will get you the success you deserve.

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Product highlights

  • Automate HR processes
  • Digitize leave policies
  • Improve the employee experiences
  • Centralize employee data and records
  • Gain visibility and control
  • Turn data into your competitive advantage
  • Flexible software regardless of size

Seven Benefits of Digital HR


Automate HR processes

With LeaveBoard, the focus is automation: from tracking time-off to reporting and centralizing workforce data and employee self-service, you name it.

HR SaaS Software

LeaveBoard works as an HR SaaS Software in the cloud, so it is accessible from any device at any time. Moreover, you will constantly benefit from the latest updates and innovations without downloading any app or IT support needed.

Slack vacation tracking

Benefit from our Slack integration and create dedicated channels for them to communicate. You will experience better team coordination and work efficiency. And we're listening to your suggestions. This month, our Slack vacation tracker chatbot received an update, allowing employees to review their leaves' balance.

Multiple integrations

We are big fans of integrations, so if your team relies on Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal, they will be happy to use LeaveBoard in their daily operations.

Leave management

Automated time-off management software will help reduce time spent on paper forms and spreadsheets. The administrative tasks will take up less of your time.


Digitize leave policies

The end of spreadsheets provides flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs. Smart policies give you the comfort that everything works along smoothly, compliance risk is reduced, and the way you manage your HR workflows is rewritten.

Simple leave tracking

Tracking, monitoring, and assessing your employees’ time-off will be more productive tasks from now on. Leave management does not have to be excruciating. On the contrary, it has to be a simple task. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and embrace the automated system we have to offer.

Tailored leave policies

With LeaveBoard, it’s easy to customize the leave policies as you see fit, according to your company’s rules, mission, and vision. Make separate categories: PTO, holiday, vacation days, sick leave, WFH, personal time, bereavement, public holidays, parental leave, etc. Human error is almost completely eliminated, and you are always in compliance with local, regional, and national regulations.

Intelligent workflows

As a manager, you always have a clear insight into accurate data for employees that are on leave or absent. Approval flows are set as you want, and every leave request is forwarded to the approving manager, who gets an instant notification and can approve or decline the request. You can set up more than one approving manager.


Give employees access to novel experiences

LeaveBoard’s Employee Self-Service is what you need to keep your team happy, motivated, and engaged at all times. Offer them a unique, reliable, and secure experience. Empower them because this will allow you as a manager, or business owner, to focus on the more strategic matters.

Smart tools. Smart investment

All of your employees will have access to their own dashboard, which includes all sensitive and personal data and a balance of their time-off. They will be able to handle their time-off requests, book days off with a few clicks, and check their balance. Independence is key! Plus, they won’t be asking you the annoying question: how much time off do I have left?

Instant email notification

They also get email notifications when their requests are approved or declined, so they are always informed.


Centralize employee data and records

Forget about paper folders stacking up on your desk or in a drawer.

Manage your team effortlessly

You have it organized, and you can access it at any moment, from any device. Plus, this allows you to structure your workforce as you see fit by an individual worker or by teams/offices.

Stay on top of the details

Our internal search is great for finding employees using various criteria: department, team, country, approver, etc.

Always secure and reliable

All essential HR data is kept in one secure place with LeaveBoard: from general company data to personal data for each employee, such as your staff’s leave of absence records.


Gain the visibility and control that you need

To manage with ease and take the pulse of your organization, you need flexible apps. When employees have clear access rights that limit access to sensitive data, you eliminate confusion, increase transparency, get the workforce engaged, and make your business more resilient.

Create a unified experience

Not everyone should have access to all the information within the organization. This is why LeaveBoard allows for a complex structure when it comes to the level of permission. You can set up different levels of visibility for sensitive data. In this way, you share only what is needed with who needs to know.

Increase employee engagement

With the employee portal functionality, each team member has his own HR dashboard. They can check and update their personal information without any hustle, check team availability, and request time off in clicks.

Stay on track with absences

Always remain in control with LeaveBoard’s Vacation Calendar. With just a few clicks, HR managers, business owners, and approval managers get a clear sight of who’s off at any specific date. It’s a great option for your employees also since they have all the details needed to plan the next vacation and bonus, one annual vacation tracker.


Turn data into your competitive advantage

We live in an era of insights, where data is more critical than ever. LeaveBoard’s HR dashboard is the ultimate tool you need to manage your teams. Make better decisions, act for the success of your organization, and motivate your employees starting today.

The fastest way to HR trends

HR reporting doesn’t have to be dreadful for your organization: with our system, you will have a more complex view of all your data, and this will allow you and your staff to analyze key metrics.

Remote but always connected

The HR employee dashboard is useful for information such as who is off today and over the next few days when the next public holidays will take place and your balance of remaining time-off.

People analytics

Discover key data for any business owner, such as headcount, new hires, the average age of staff, hiring patterns, length in service or headcount by teams & offices, headcount by age range.

Prevent absenteeism

Great for having a clear insight into the patterns of attendance and absenteeism. Plus, it can be of help in preventing burnout.

HR Solutions for digital transformation

Learn why digitization, cloud computing, and big data are the technologies you can explore on your quest to upgrade your organization's way of handling human resource management.


Simple, yet very powerful when it comes to business operating across multiple countries

Gain a digital advantage by streamlining operations in your organization with strategic tools that will boost workforce productivity. Eliminate the repetitive administrative tasks from your team managers and HR leaders' hands by offering the software they deserve.

Scale smart

Moreover, the solution comes with the possibility to personalize the working days and working hours, the approval workflows for each employee, multiple administrators' setup, and multiple notifications flows.

Work more efficiently

Structure your employees into teams or offices, regardless of the country they live in. We come to the rescue for multinationals, offering the chance to import or set up public holidays for your geographic location to enable correct PTO calculation according to the policy settings chosen.

Human assistance

And in case you or one of your team members has a question or needs some support with the system, you are in good hands. We help organizations from day one with onboarding, and then continuous support and constant updates.

Digital human resource management simplifies administrative tasks, tracking, monitoring, and planning by streamlining leave procedures, supporting effective and informed decision-making, and increasing productivity and revenue to companies of all sizes.

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