An update on Wednesday’s service disruption

March 10, 2021 - Wednesday morning, a disruption in LeaveBoard’s network has caused our services to be inaccessible; however, they are now back and operational. Major incident impacting the OVH Strasbourg datacenter, where our servers are located. OVH stated a press release in this sense

For most of the LeaveBoard users, there had been little or no visible change to their online data. We believe these accounts with more activity might be affected as the back-up that we have restored is from March 7, 2021 – practically, the data added in the last two days is not available any longer. 

For everyone who was affected by today’s incident, we apologize.

Incident and response

The cause of the disruption was practically a fire incident at the OVH SBG2 datacenter, where we store our system data. Our engineers detected the issue promptly, diagnosed the situation, and made a plan for correction. The team was aware that every minute represented another minute of outrage and worked to restore the system.

At 10:00 AM CET/ 5:00 AM EST, the systems were operating again.

Final thoughts and next steps

We are now conducting an in-depth analysis to understand how we can better protect our systems against this class of issues. 

We know how important LeaveBoard services are for small and medium businesses, and over the last four years, we have continually thrived on making our solutions better. And we take this expectation very seriously. And when we fail short, as it happened today, we want to learn and improve our systems to be better and more reliable.