Team Building In 2023 - A Must For Successful Companies

Team building is a valuable tool in creating a united team, regardless of the size of an organization or the industry in which it operates. Once managers understand the importance of building an environment that is 100% appropriate for the people on their team, everything will be much easier. Knowing colleagues outside the formal work environment is a factor that leads to better staff motivation and a higher level of productivity.

In this article, we will discuss why you should consider team building for your organization, what benefits you will notice, and especially how to organize such an event.


  • Why organize team building?
  • The objectives of a team building
  • How do we organize a team building?
  • Tricks for more efficient organization and successful team building
  • The benefits of organizing a team-building
  • Conclusion

Why organize a team building?

The main goal is to unite the team, aiming to create a stronger bond between team members. But this term of the uniting team members contains many more arguments. Here are eight key reasons to focus when organizing a team-building:

  1. Socialize. The opportunity to get to know each other in an informal environment
  2. Improve teamwork and communication skills
  3. Boosts the spirit of competitiveness
  4. Develop the company culture and team spirit
  5. Improve the level of employee involvement and motivation
  6. Encourage innovation and creativity
  7. Streamline collaboration between departments
  8. Unlock leadership potential.

The objectives of a team building

Any teamwork activity must be initiated before the objectives of such an event have been set. In general, we will answer two questions before organizing such an event:

  • What points do we have to work on within the team?
  • What are the expectations after the end of the event experience?

It is also necessary to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the team members to know what to work on. Thus, we can point out some objectives to consider for a team building event:

  • Setting a long-term/short-term goal of the organization and explaining it to the team, to motivate it to be fulfilled
  • Explain in detail the role of each in the team
  • Solving the problems of each department at that time (punctual)
  • Improving relationships between colleagues.

How to organize a team building?

The human resources department is in charge of the organization, but it is preferable to turn to professionals in this field. Managers will also be involved because they have much closer contact with team members and know the real current situation and needs. If deemed necessary, different events can be organized for each team separately.

Regarding the frequency of organization, there is no universally valid recipe. It is customary to organize an annual team building, but the needs of each organization must be analyzed. For example, if a company is dealing with many new employees (find out all about new hire onboarding) in a short period of time, it is a good idea to organize an event to unite the team.

As a best practice, when you choose the location, it must be at the confluence of everyone's wishes and must also be an opportunity to get out of the comfort zone. Ideally, we should choose a location that allows both indoor and outdoor activities.

The person or persons responsible for the organization will consider a budget of adequate duration - 1, 2, or even 3 days, the menu offered to participants, and possibly the location of a party at the end of team building. If you go for the 3-day option, it is advisable to give a day off, for recovery. It is advisable to consider the family situation of the participants for the decision on the duration. Transport is another critical point to consider if the event takes place outside the locality.

In addition to these administrative details, the important issues to consider are:

  • Exploring the team, analyzing the participants and the interaction between them
  • Setting team building goals
  • Establishing the duration and nature of the activities, the plan of activities
  • Involvement of a professional team of trainers in this field (preferably, but not mandatory).
  • Such an event is meant to take participants out of their comfort zone, but the activities should not be annoying or tiring. A balance is needed.
  • Common activities can be established for all employees and separate based on interests, hobbies, or departments.

Managers need to communicate the obligation to participate from the outset, so only exceptions that are objective reasons that prevent participation will be considered. The event will not have the expected result if only friendly employees participate.

In case all your team is working in different parts of the world, you can plan a virtual team building, to strengthen the morale and dynamics of the organization.

Tricks for efficient organization and successful team building

Below are some examples of good practice that HR experts have validated:

  • Suggests a simple, casual dress code
  • Managers will participate, but their functions will not have priority; they will be treated the same as other employees
  • Request feedback from end participants (anonymous)
  • Rewards active participation with a free day of recovery + a small gift (with useful products)
  • Create a video or photo album documenting the experience and then share it with the participants
  • Implement a "social" contract, with the rules of the event and the consequences of non-compliance.

Generally, there are 2 types of activities during such an event, namely:

  • Game-based activities - to show employees appreciation and make them more involved in the life of the organization
  • Coaching/training activities - to improve team skills and group dynamics.

The benefits of organizing a team-building

Work and collaboration related to daily activities create certain connections restricted by social conventions. A team-building event will bring a new perspective to interpersonal relationships, so there are several benefits that you will be able to see after organizing this event:

  • Employees can get to know each other better in a more relaxed environment
  • Employees will feel more involved in the organization's mission and values
  • Increase the level of loyalty to the company
  • Reduce costs with the integration of new employees
  • Reduce the gap between employees, encouraging communication
  • Improve individual involvement
  • Increase productivity
  • Create an environment where conflicts are much easier to resolve
  • Employees improve their listening and communication skills.


The crucial goal of team building is for each employee to understand the role in the organization's big framework and realize that they are dependent on each other to a certain extent.

The team-building results will be seen in time, not immediately, upon completion. However, the feedback from the participants is an important point. It will help to count the outcome of the event and improve the future ones.

A successful business is highly related to the real individual involvement of each employee, so do not neglect this concept of team building. And don't forget, LeaveBoard offers you an HR solution through which you can identify when employees are in the office or absent for more efficient planning. At the same time, you have a database with all the employees, their roles, and many essential elements regarding their efficient management in the company. Find out more details and register for free.

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