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Designed for Small Business

When your companies have few employees, it's challenging to comply with the paperwork and other burdens required. You start to look for a software solution to help you with it. Every hour you spent dealing with administrative work could be spent making your business succeed.

At LeaveBoard we want to make incredibly easy to use HR software. We help the business of 1 to 9 employees by providing an HR solution, so that owners can fully dedicate themselves to their business ambition.

Here are some of the small-business solutions for business with 1-9 employees, designed to help you to scale and grow:

  • Absence management
  • Self Service
  • Employee directory
  • HR Reports
  • Integrations

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Is this for real?

Yes, LeaveBoard is totally free to use.

How long can I use LeaveBoard for free?
The human resources software is always free as long as you have 9 employees or less.

What's the catch?
There are no strings attached and no hidden fees. Your subscription will switch from free to Pro once you reach to more than 9 employees.

Why do you offer this free plan?
By offering free HR software, we're helping small and business grow while at the same time building out network and reputation across the world.

Automate your Human Resources Management with the free HR Software that your employees will enjoy.

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