All you need to know about LeaveBoard

An innovative HRtech cloud-based product that enables employees and managers to plan and manage easier their allowance, attendance, time-off, leaves and absences.

Leave management

Innovative HR software for fast-growing firms

We made LeaveBoard with one purpose: to simplify the management of leaves and tracking of sick days within fast-growing firms in a beautiful way. We invested a lot of time in distinctive design, smooth user experience, and mobile technology to provide valuable HR software.🚩

Leaveboard Dashboard

With LeaveBoard it's time to say hello to effective management of employee leaves within your organization.

Staff leave planning

Finishing projects in time and ensuring continuity within the company

Finishing the projects in time and achieving the milestones according to plans are very important in any business. Unfortunately, as companies grow, keeping up with the employee schedule is not easy. The information scattered among spreadsheets, paper files, and the brains of some key employees is not a good idea.

LeaveBoard provides a clear status at any time about the availability of any team member, his leave quota so that you can plan better. Managers will also take better decisions when team members will request time-off, by avoiding clashes with critical staff, in order to ensure continuity and effectiveness. πŸ’Ό

Leaveboard Mobile View

Employee self-service

Staff can now request time-off, leaves vacancies or sick days with ease. Managers receive instant notifications about the leave requests. Gain insights regarding the upcoming time-off requests in your company. πŸš€

Easy to use by anyone. Employees can make an absence request with 3 clicks:
1. Selecting the type of leave
2. Selecting the period
3. Registering the request

The magic of the tool comes with an instant status of the remaining allowance and overlaps with other team members.

After the request was introduced, the manager receives a notification to accept the request. Managers are able to add requests on behalf of employees.

Employee Self Service

Mobile accessibility

Key features for a dynamic company
We are constantly in movement, and we go everywhere with our smartphones. The strength of our platform is that we have built our tool to be mobile first. Everything is one tap away - booking time off, approving a request, planning ahead work, checking reports and all these in a super fast HR app. It’s hosted in the cloud, and it is secure. πŸ“±
Running this solution requires no IT department or software to install. It’s simply available to any device connected to the internet. Either Mac/PC, tablet or smartphone.
We have implemented the most advanced technologies in this product so that it loads very quickly and precisely so that your team can focus on the company's growth.


Smart calendars

One calendar to show time-off for your teams

Our online calendars provide an overview of the availability time-off and sick leaves of the team members. They are updated instantly and will appear in both the employee and the team calendars. The feature is available for both managers and employees. The calendar is updated in real-time and includes public holidays and the leaves of the employees. πŸ“†


Team directory πŸ‘”

Your employee data in the cloud

The essential details regarding each employee of your company will be at your fingertips. In addition, an annual employee calendar, their quota, history and permissions will always be available for you. Secure single sign-on login (Slack, Google, Outlook) is available for your team.


On demand reporting πŸ“Š

The KPI data that your HR department needs is here

Visualize insightful reports using the data stored about your workforce. This will help to reduce administrative burden and unplanned absences. Our powerful tool provides essential information about any employee or team leaves, sick days or discretionary time off. You can filter so you view the right data most important - either payroll information, either a leave history, employee PTO balance, either a yearly view. The reports provide instant status and can be exported in PDF or XLS. Smart filtering will help you to find the HR KPIs with one click without complicated spreadsheets or excel files.



Enhance your employees workflow. Since productivity is super important for use, LeaveBoard integrates with tools that are essential for the employees any business.

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With the Slack integration we are practically allowing firms to use LeaveBoard directly from their favourite app. Add absences, see who is off, receive notifications when you have to approve a leave or a new employee has joined the team. Everything will be synchronised with your other tools. Check it up and forget about manual leave tracking.


Free 1 - 9 employees

Small teams need support at the beginning. That's we are offering LeaveBoard for free to any company having 1 to 9 employees.

Accessible 10 - 250+ employees

Out tool is affordable. It costs $1.35 per employee a month or $13.5 per employee for yearly payment, plus VAT if applicable.

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