How will your business benefit by becoming a partner?

LeaveBoard partners are collaborators that are bringing the absence and leave management software to the next level. Accountants, Payroll, and HR consultants are able to manage bookings, balances, reports for all clients in few clicks.

The LeaveBoard software provides a platform to manage leaves and absences, handle approvals, check employee balances, download reports and much more.

Digitization and cloud adoption is in high demand across the world, as more and more business plan to shift from spreadsheet to hassle-free HR solutions to manage their workforce.

What are the benefits of partnering with Leaveboard?

Your business grows

With tour platform, you will have more efficiency, and get more done. This means you will have more time to focus on delivering great experiences for your customers.

More revenue

Since your clients will manage the leave booking through self-service, and you have access to reports with key data, repetitive tasks will be automated and again you will have more time to grow your client base and revenues.

Business 2.0

Finish the HR tasks in less time, with less errors and more fun. Say goodbye to spreadsheets or chasing your clients for the balances. Mandatory end-of-period administrative processes will be done much easier.

Partner-friendly organization

The LeaveBoard team will organize a demo, with your customers and help with onboarding. Marketing activities to generate leads will be supported.

Our ideal partners are Accounting HR software distributors, attendance hardware providers, software vendors or reseller, payroll outsourcing, HR or IT consultants and cloud application resellers.

Why should you become a partner with us?

HR Automation

You can help your customers achieve HR process automation. You will leverage our HR product innovations, easy of use, and excellent support to your network.

All in the cloud

You can log to Leaveboard from any device. All your information is online, one click away. You have all the up-to-date data without them having to ask your customer to send it to you.

The system to track leaves and absences

As the employees from your client business are submitting leaves in the online HR system, team leaders see the requests instantly and decide upon approving them. A team leaves calendar is available to consult and an updated balance of the allowance of the employee will be available.

Detailed and accurate employee information

As LeaveBoard has been built to facilitate leave management through automation, we are eliminating the manual data entry, so that there are fewer errors and much more clarity.

Stellar support

Customers are the core of our business, that’s why every request is treated with maximum priority. Our tickets are treated like we would like to be treated.

Knowledge base

If you would like more about how the HR Solution works, and what are the benefits for team managers or company administrators, we have a page for that.