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Below you'll find a selection of our most popular capabilities of the LeaveBoard HR software. Are you looking for something that you don't see here? Book a demo.

Time Off Management

Online time off requests
Employee Self Service
Time-Off Tracking
Individual HR Dashboards
Overlaps warning
Simple approval flow
Instant email notifications
Dynamic entitlement calculator

Employee Self-Service

Employee/Manager Dashboards
Intuitive design
Responsive technology
Automatic updates

Employee Directory

Employee database and records
Employee profiles
Internal Search
Secure and encrypted
Individual access
Team leaders
Group Staff into Teams & Offices
Absence history
Import employees from Slack

HR Reporting Software

Time off overview
Monthly leave reports
Leave reporting for payroll
Tailored reporting
XLS downloads
Powerful filters

Employee leave trackers & Absence calendars

Personal Leave Calendars / Leave Tracker
Team Calendars/ Whos Off Calendar
Integration with Google/Outlook

HR Software

Simple approval flow
Employee/Manager Dashboards
Local time zones
Built for the cloud
Customize permission levels
User roles
Employee work patterns
Comprehensive & configurable
Heavily automated
Easy setup
Used worldwide
Free version

Time off policies

Setup multiple leave types
Employee time off adjustments
Automatically import public holidays
Automatic accruals
Customize permission levels
Custom workflows
Employee work scheduling


Book from Slack
Google calendar
Outlook calendar
iCal sync
Single Sign-On

Expert support

Friendly customer support
Knowledge base
We upload Core HR data for free

One more thing

Here are few additional benefits of using the online leave manager:

Eliminate filing cabinets and spreadsheets

LeaveBoard provides secure, centralized location for employee HR information and records. Meet compliance requirements such as the right to work checks.

Self-service your employees will love

A system that is easy to use that empowers your employees & managers to update personal information & leave requests. Save time and improve accuracy through self-service access.

Save time spent on HR Admin

Automation workflows allow processes to happen effectively across the business. Less involvement in updating information frees up time for more proactive HR management.

Free HR Software

Our HR Software is free to use for teams up to 9 employees.

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  • No obligations

Rapid setup

LeaveBoard is quick and easy to set up as it runs in the cloud - no need to download or install any software.