About LeaveBoard

We are a young team with an ambitious mission: efficient employee management

Why LeaveBoard?

Employees are the most important resource for any company.

LeaveBoard is the platform that enables firms to successfully manage workforce coordination. Small and medium companies from more than 44 countries use the system daily to centralize their Human Resources. Our solution helps admins, team managers, and employees to drive better outcomes.

Reduce repetitive workload, and empower your team to be more productive. By automating the workflow, you will gain more time for effective growth of the organization.

Transform the HR experience

HR starts with your people, not spreadsheets, not paper files, not software. LeaveBoard is the bridge between your employees and great work. Designed for employees across any business sector, LeaveBoard is a modern, scalable, HR management solution that is easy to use. It's focused on performance, getting things done through staff empowerment. Using novel technologies we make the complex simple without sacrificing performance or security. We incorporate the latest innovations to help your organization be more successful.

Built for demanding organizations

Using Excel spreadsheets to manage your people is not a solution any longer. When accuracy and sharpness is needed - you need to take a different approach. HR can be more productive and much easier. PS: Do spreadsheets ask managers to approve leave requests?

Empower every employee

This is why we built a modern HR software. One that is easy to implement, manage, and gets the work done. One that solves business challenges by making complicated tasks simple and personal. One that is intuitive and provides automation and flexibility. One that trough self-service empowers your workforce, saves time, provide transparency and increases satisfaction.

Choosing the right HR solution

Switching to cloud HR management is challenging. There are many vendors and the pricing is very varied. Our tool is designed to fit like a glove to the needs of business worldwide and adapt as they grow. Implementation is free. For small companies is free. No extra charge for more administrators or managers, support, updates or inactive employees. Larger firms pay a low fee and they can cancel at any time.

Check our transparent pricing.

“How can we optimize our HR activities?“

From centralizing employee data in one secure place, to intuitive absence booking, to clean HR reports, novel self-service, and smart integrations, LeaveBoard automates and simplifies. And it just works.

Implementing the solution in your business

We made it simple for any business to get up and running. Setting your account takes minutes, and is free. You don't need any training. It's like Trello, you make an account, and start using it. Invite your employees, setup your teams and get instant visibility with leave trackers and real-time reports. And if you have a larger workforce, and you need some help, our customer support comes in handy. We are committed to providing to our customers' unrivalled support for free. Meeting our clients' needs drives our business. Nevertheless, our knowledge base is always online.

Like you, security is on top of the mind for us, that's why ensured a safe system. From SSL security, encrypted passwords, daily backup, role-based permissions and custom access levels to ensure HR administration and happy employees.

Simplifying HR worldwide

The time off management software is used by busy companies across 44+ countries worldwide.

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